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Lil Wayne Joins Skateboard Legends In CCS Cover Shoot

“I’ve left my world and I’ve joined the skate world. I want to introduce my world to their world.”  —Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne has just made a major leap in the world of skateboarding as he was able to grace the cover of CSS.

Exclusive: Nelly Furtado Behind The Scenes Photos From The Bigger The Better Video


Nelly Furtado is back on track and she has made it a point that she will be doing things bigger and better.

It’s been a minute since we’ve been able to enjoy Nelly’s astonishing voice on an upbeat track. But fear not as she is campaigning her new album and just recently released a taste what sound she is bringing to the table in the hip hop game.

Waka Flocka Flame gives a somewhat conflicted explanation of his beef with Wiz Khalifa

In December 2011, Waka Flocka Flame called out Wiz Khalifa for having “no swag” and “hyping his way to the top.” Snoop Dogg briefly spoke on the matter, but Wiz Khalifa did not address the matter.

Wiz Khalifa talks about getting Amber Rose’s engagement ring

Wiz Khalifa also discusses future collaborations with Chief Keef and says “O.N.I.F.C.” will be insightful.

Obama gave a spoken word speech during the Late Night Show

President Barack Obama performed with The Roots and Jimmy Fallon at  the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill as part of their “Slow Jam the News” segment.

Drake would rather work with someone like Jamie xx over David Guetta

Many artists including Nicki Minaj and Usher have collaborated with electronic dance music musicians to expand their reach worldwide, but Drake says he won’t follow the trend.

Jay-Z & Will Smith: Investors of the app Viddy

Celebrities Jay-Z and Will Smith are in a organization where they invest. One of the investments they recently did was on a brand new public video sharing application, known as Viddy.

Jennifer Hudson addresses jurors in the trial of the man accused of killing her mother, brother, and nephew

In 2008, tragedy struck as Jennifer Hudson‘s mother, 29-year-old brother, and seven-year-old nephew were all shot to death.

An Eminem import is set to arrive in June, while Spaceghostpurrp has an album coming!

Pastor Troy, and Cam’ron as well will be releasing an album.

Wiz Khalifa says he was surprised to hear his name on Kanye West’s single “Way Too Cold” but adds that it was “positive”

Wiz Khalifa also shares his thoughts on the Tupac hologram, saying it was “dope.”