Lindsay Lohan: I’d rather be banned from this hotel rather than being cursed!!!

Lindsay Lohan claims that the Standard Hotel is a curse of a stay.

Lindsay claims she will never set foot in the hotel again, but most people know by now that more likely in the future this wont be the case.

According to Lindsay the reason why she thinks the Standard Hotel is cursed, is due to the fact that she has been getting countless heartaches ever since her first stay there. And because of that she has been notifying all her friends to avoid the Standard Hotel at any costs.

Even though Lindsay blames the hotel we all know the real culprit of her heartaches is due to her hardcore drinking. She probably wasn’t drinking during that period of time or maybe she was, but everyone knows her recent problems are attributed to her drinking and drug use.

Perhaps she needs to go back to rehab or in this case a make a quick trip to the psychologist, because this girl has problems, even more so than Snookie and Deena having “meatball problems.”

Lindsay was accused of being a reckless mess in the nightclub over at Standard Hotel.

In what manner, you may ask? First she throws drinks at some woman then shoves her, seriously how crazy can this woman get?

Because of her reckless behavior Lindsay is now a massive and quick target for negative publicity. Lohan says that she will find a better place to spend her free time rather than the “cursed” hotel.

At first Lohan was denying the fact the she was at the nightclub in the Standard Hotel, but now admits that she was present there at the time.

That is just Lindsay being Lindsay!

Eventually the entire world will realize that what she has been doing is wrong even though she still denies it.

According to Lindsay she has done nothing wrong. And she said that what she did at the nightclub was only because the woman was being an instigator towards her.

Lindsay did say she would lay off the clubbing for a while, but if you really knew Lindsay you would know that she is full of it. She probably doesn’t mean what she does during her drunk moment’s but she does have to learn to take responsibility and own up to her actions.

I mean we’ve all done some crazy things at one point or another when we got drunk. But the only way to keep these incidents from happening is by either taking control or in Lindsay’s case staying away from the alcohol. Turns out Lindsay couldn’t  stay away.

Hopefully one day Lindsay will realize all her mistakes and and finally see that those mistakes were big and embarrassing. Then she should build a bridge and get over it and do good in here life.

For now she will live her crazy life and go through this stage that most female celebrities go through, for example Britney Spears and her crazy and outrageous stage of life where she shaved all of her head.

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