Slaughterhouse Powerhouse Complete Recording Major Album!

Slaughterhouse has left many in anticipations and wonder with their upcoming album Welcome to: Our House.

Slaughterhouse is finally down to the last touches on their upcoming album Welcome to: Our House.

As most people are aware by now Slaughterhouse has signed to the Shady Records powerhouse label, and are hyped up now more than ever to release their new album. The album is set to be released on June 12, and it seems that Eminem is putting the finishing touches on the much-anticipated LP.

“The album is done. In terms of vocal recording, we’re done. Marshall is still in the process of mixing, we still got a couple of records that we’re missing,” Royce da 5’9″ told MTV News

“We’re on pace for June, worst-case scenario, we’re looking at July, but it’s definitely coming, 100 percent.”

And just in case fans out there are wondering what kind of sound the album is going to bring, one of the member of the group described it with one word.

 “Fire,” Joe Budden said.

It’s no secret that each member has their own degree in lyricism, but when all four members get together they seem to raise the bar and expectations are always set to a much higher level.

“There are records were those core Slaughterhouse fans will get their ‘Ohs and ahs’ like ‘OK, the pen is pushing,’ ” Ortiz said.

“It’s themed, but we take you on a ride through this album. Y’all gonna enjoy it.”

By now you guys maybe wondering, what does the new album sound like? So you’ve probably already hit google and started searching for a leaked track or two form the album.

Well you might as well give up guys, because you will not find anything. That’s right Welcome to: Our House is guarded as no other album has ever been guarded before. So much so that none of the Slaughterhouse members have a single copy.

“We don’t have the music, it stays in the studio. It’s safe there,” Ortiz said.

“But every time we go to record or just get up and meet in Detroit with Em and everybody at Shady, I personally ask them to hear records.”

It’s amazing to have a group of lyricist of this caliber, then the fact that they signed with Eminem makes the album even more anticipated. What will the album sound like? Only they know, bu ti can guarantee that no one will be disappointed with the end results, after all you do have the mastermind, Eminem mixing the album up as you read this.

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