Iron Man 3 Villain And Photo Spoiler

Iron Man has left many fans amazed at the detailed scripts the movie developers have been able to come up with , not only that, but they have been able to captivate the movie audiences attention with their high energy fight scenes. But as of lately many have been wondering who the Iron suited Superhero will square off with in the action packed trilogy.

The latest movie to feature Iron Man was ‘The Avengers’ which was the product of a series of superhero movies that finally came together to form the The Avengers group. By far it lived up to all its hype and as a fan myself I must say I was not only impressed with the script sequence, but also glad that they were able to slide in a few jokes and hilarious scenes in the action packed blockbuster.

Now with the anticipation of Iron Man 3 getting nearer and nearer each day many are trying to catch any rumor of what villain will star in the movie. Many have speculated what Sir Ben Kingsley’s role in Iron Man 3 and today we are able to shed some light on the question as it is being reported that the actor will indeed be playing the part of the Mandarin.

The scoop came in from Latino Review who have broken many superhero stories in the past with their inside sources.

Kingsley’s character will be more of a “veiled threat as a silent partner” to Guy Pearce’s Aldrich Killian. Killian, happens to be the scientist who invents Extremis, and LR says the character will be using it to build an army of super-powered individuals. Sources also speculate that the recently cast characters of Coldblood and Firepower are somehow involved with this thread.

Superhero Hype also reported that the film will feature the Iron Patriot armor from the comics, however it has not been revealed as to who will wear the suite. As many fans may know the Iron Patriot Armor first made its appearance in the Dark Avengers storyline. Norman Osborn or better known as the Green Goblin led a group of bad-guy Avengers and wrecked chaos, while making everyone believe they were the good guys.

Osborn wore the armor in the comic, but as you may recall that character is the purview of Sony, who has rights to the Spider-Man characters when it comes to movies. So that leaves the question. Who would be qualified enough to wear the suite?

Another scoop is that of the addition of William Sadler to the cast. We’ve since contacted both Sadler’s reps as well as Marvel. The official word: “No Comment.”

Decipher that in hush-hush Hollywood talk and that means Sadler is in the movie.

And to make things a bit more interesting Variety reports Dancing With the Stars alum and Extra correspondent Ashley Hamilton has been cast as Jack Taggert/Firepower in Iron Man 3.

Iron Man 3 is currently scheduled to hit theaters on May 3, 2013.

Photos: Now secret photos from the set of the film have given us our first look at the Iron Patriot armor. I know most fans will now have a million questions running through their heads! Check out the shots here:


Photo Credit:guyism

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