id America Calligraphic Leopard for iPhone 4S/4: Does your Phone Have Style?

id America has been leading the pack in the iPhone case department, with their innovative designs that not only look great, but also provide the protection that everyone wants for their personalized iPhone.

Sure, there are plenty of iPhone cases out in the market, but most fall short in the quality department and almost all forget about the fact that today everyone wants to make point when it comes to trends and fashion.

Luckily for everyone out there, id America has long understood these wants and have been developing phone cases with your particular needs in mind!

Today we to introduce to you the Calligraphic Leopard Hard Shell Case For iPhone 4s/4. Join us as we take an in depth First Class look and review this unique case!

The Calligraphic Leopard case for the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 is a hard shell case dressed in very fashionable colors that mimic leopard skin patterns. The leopard inspired patterns are bold and look great in the available colors. It really gives the case added character and makes it stand out no matter what background it’s sitting against.

The case has a thick hard shell that’s made with polycarbonate and it’s form fitting. It also has a slight flexibility to help you put the phone in and take it out of the case with relative ease. The case is protective and comes with not only a film protector for the display that the case doesn’t cover but also a film for the back of the iPhone 4S. So in a sense not only are you getting protection for the iPhone, but you’re also getting protection for the iPhone form the case itself!

The Calligraphic Leopard case wraps around the sides of the iPhone 4S and raises just above the display, so that when you put your phone face down, the display won’t touch the surface. The case works with the film protectors nicely thanks to the precise cut and fit.

In addition, the case has a layer of rubberized coating on the exterior. The coating not only makes the case feels very soft, but also gives the case a very nice grip. The interior of the hard cover also has soft coating and the interior color matches the exterior color theme which makes for a very classy iPhone case.

You can tell they took extra time with the details on this case before it went into mass production!

id America Calligraphic Leopard case currently comes in four color themes: Wild Yellow, Mint Blue, Lavendor Purple and Rose Pink.

Oh and did I mention that each snap-on case comes complete with front and back screen protective films, installation squeegee and a microfiber cleaning cloth? With these added extra’s it’s hard to turn away from such a hot case that gives you your money’s worth!

You can purchase the Calligraphic Leopard iPhone Case for $19.95 at id America.


The company utilizes high-quality materials such as EVA, brushed aluminum and thermoplastic polyurethanes for durability. id America is proud to be born in New York and strive to engineer products that are not only beautiful visually but also practical. For more information, please visit id America’s website,  and on Facebook at

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