Rihanna and Chris Brown: It’s Only A Matter Of Time (Exclusive Photo)

Rihanna has long been on party mode since her break up incident with hip hop singer and dancer Chris Brown. But rumors and pictures have been circulating of the pair and I for one can say that it may only be a matter of time before both artists once again go back into a troublesome relationship.

The latest scoop and exclusive photo that we were able to get a hold of was that Rihanna and Chris Brown, who were enjoying each others company last night while in a NYC club. This isn’t the first time that they’ve been spotted together in the recent months.

Chris and Rihanna were at Avenue nightclub in NYC. Sources that were present at the club say that both artists were in the club together for about 30 minutes. Chris Brown is said to have been hanging out with Rihanna in her table, while they tried to play it off as if they coincidently ran into each other while at the club.

Still wanting to play the media and the people for fools the both left the club separately, but none the less within a few minutes of each other. (Come on guys you have to do better than that!)

The funny thing about it is that no matter how rocky their relationship has been it almost seems as if both of them love the drama that they bring into each others lives.

Chris has been known to have a short temper, who is very unpredictable when it comes to keeping cool and Rihanna is known to be a party girl that just loves to get wild. When you put both of these personalities together; it’s just like adding matches with flash powder. You can either have amazing fireworks that people will envy or you can have a catastrophic bang that will leave everyone running for the hills in the aftermath of destruction.

As of lately both of these Rihanna and Chris have been getting more and more comfortable with their meetings, all I’m saying is that where there is smoke there is bound to be fire sooner or later.

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