Monthly Archives: July 2012

Hip Hop Honey Tammy Torres Has A Purpose

Hip Hop Honey Tammy Torres has curves that will blow away the competition!

Hip Hop Honey Tammy Torres has her work cut out for her in the hip hop scene, but it comes as no surprise that this voluptuous vixen is one of the most sought out video models in the industry right now.

Hip Hop Beef Havoc Confirms Beef With Prodigy

Hip Hop Beef has long played a major role amongst hip hop artists, in order to up their skills, prove a point, or just show who the bigger man is. Now the latest artists to engage in an all out hip hop beef are Havoc and Prodigy from Mobb Deep.

Rihanna And Chris Brown On The Rebound

Rihanna and Chris Brown have been leaving the public up in the air of whether or not they are going to get back together anytime soon or not. But one thing is for sure they have been spending more time with each other than usual.

CROON Audio The Original For High Audio Speaker Systems

CROON Audio Reveals The Original

CROON Audio has announced the launch of its newest speaker collection; ‘The Original’ and has promised that this Bluetooth speaker stands far above the rest not just because of its high quality and unparalleled sound, but also due to the fact that they have topped it off with a one of a kind design!

Ice-T Gives His View About Gun Control

Ice-T speaks about his stance on gun control.

Ice-T has long been a hip hop gangster veteran, yet the rapper turned actor has been able to keep a cool head and never turned a gun on innocent people, even after most of his music contained lyrics of violence and guns.

Pitbull Exclusive Rehearsal Photos: UNIVISION’S “PREMIOS JUVENTUD”

Pitbull is set for today as he will be one of the many star acts that will be performing in this year’s “Premios Juventud.”

X-Mini II Review: Big Things Come In Small Packages

X-Mini II has completely changed the game when it comes to listening to music. Xmi Pte Ltd took technology to another level and crunched it up into one small speaker with a very big sound!

Victor Cruz, Wale and Empire Girls Celebrate with Hennessy

Victor Cruz is getting ready for his next season which is only about 50 days away, but that does not mean that he does not have enough time to celebrate and have some fun. The NY Giants star wide receiver as fans and friends got together to honor Cruz.

Nas Never Released The Original Version Of Ether

Nas has long been a heavyweight rap legend, but his beef with Jay-Z was one of the most prolific beefs that truly brought out the best art form of rap from both artists.

50 Cent Brings The ULYSSE NARDIN CHAIRMAN Aboard His New Music Video

50 Cent has been making moves left and right, but the man still knows how to floss the finer things in life as he was spotted featuring the The Ulysse Nardin Chairman, the world’s first and finest luxury hybrid smartphone,in his new “Double Up” Music video.