Future Boston Alliance And KarmaloopTV Give Boston Their “Glory”

Future Boston Alliance and KarmaloopTV have done what many have been waiting for, they got the hottest Boston artist’s put them all in one mixtape and came up with a mega-mix called “Glory.”

Even the name itself makes you feel like you are a part of something special in the making. But make no mistake as each artist was hand picked for their very special skill sets, whether it be wicked syllable rhyming or crowd hyping vocals this mixtape has it all!

It all began with the gathering of 34 Boston artists who came together with Karmaloop CEO Greg Selkoe, Grammy nominated Clinton Sparks and DJ BREK.ONE to bring you the end product of a complete 39-track mix ranging from classic rock to house and hip-hop to R&B.

So if you repping for Boston, then this is your moment!

Make sure to download the mixtape using the following link: Mixtape “Glory” Download Page.

The 411 On BREK.ONE: BREK.ONE is not your typical DJ that fits into one definite category. Just like his technique from back in the day when he was an active graffiti artist in Boston using aerosol hues and city textures to spread a message of freedom and creativity, he has been able to apply these same versatile techniques into his DJing.




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