Salvador Santana Breaks “Into The Light”


Salvador Santana, has not only loved making music, he has lived and breathed music for a long time while growing up alongside his father, guitar legend Carlos Santana.

But don’t be fooled he did not use his father’s name to gain any exposure in the music scene as 28-year-old keyboardist, vocalist, composer and songwriter has proven that he has put in the time and dedication to follow in the steps of his father as one of the greatest in music.

He recently released a new single “Into The Light”, which just so happens to be added to Clear Channel’s “New Artist To Watch” program.

This new program enables fan to have access to his song and video on all the Clear Channel websites via the iHeartRadio platform.

Check out Salvador’s “Artist To Watch” page:

This is one artist who can truly say that music is within his veins, as his maternal grandfather was blues pioneer Saunders King and his paternal grandfather was the internationally celebrated violinist and mariachi bandleader Jose Santana.

And if that wasn’t enough to make a believer out of critics, his father is 10x Grammy-winning Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Carlos Santana. So you can only imagine what kind of musical abilities Salvador is carrying in his genes.

Salvador Santana has taken it upon himself to prove to the world that he has what it takes to make a mark in the music scene as he has taken his own name to become a brand of his own.

In 2008 he released a project with the aid of his band that was given the simple name of SSB, in which pursued the scope of his ability and he released his solo debut Keyboard City on February 2, 2011 via Various Music/Quannum Projects.

Since then Salvador Santana has been a very busy man as he has spent the last nine months performing live in several venues and festivals. Salvador wants to be able to connect with his fans on a personal basis which is why he has opted to take the hard route of multiple tours instead of trying to rise to the top with the aid of his father’s name.

Salvador has written I order to give fans a new taste of his most recent sound, the new material includes the songs “Mi Tesoro” and “Into The Light.” Both songs were co-written and produced by Barret Yeretsian and will be included on Salvador’s upcoming EP.

The new video for “Into The Light” was recently filmed in Los Angeles by Director Joseph Garner (Peter Nydrle Productions).

Stay tuned as Hip Hop will be getting a breathe of fresh air with this new outgoing artist, who promises to give music and fans the attention they deserve.

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Official Sites:!/salvadorsantana

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