X-Mini II Review: Big Things Come In Small Packages

X-Mini II has completely changed the game when it comes to listening to music. Xmi Pte Ltd took technology to another level and crunched it up into one small speaker with a very big sound!

In the following review we took the X-mini and gave it a week’s use before we even attempted at dropping the final verdict on it. The 2nd generation of X-Mini comes packed with vastly improved features and functions that enhance the audio experience to its user. It holds a 40mm speaker that delivers top of the line sound along 2.5W of power and a Bass Xpansion System. Battery life has hit an all time high of 11 hours, however over the past weeks of use I’ve been able to get well over 12 hours of playtime before it needed to recharge.

Also, the X-mini II comes with the ‘Buddy Jack’ design, which means that you are able to connect one X-mini speaker to another one, with no limit as to how many you can hook up together. The X-mini also comes equipped with a built-in retractable 3.5mm audio cable that ensures hassle-free portability. The connecting audio cable is tucked into the base for a cleaner and sleeker look. If you weren’t told it was there you would hardly even notice it.

As I opened the X-mini II from its packaging the very first thing that grabbed my attention was the sleek design, it has a smooth rubberized feel that provides for an anti slip surface. Another thing that I thought was pretty cool was the integrated audio input jack, which is quite sneaky as it snaps into the bottom of the unit leaving it out of sight. But as soon as you are ready to hook it up to a phone, laptop or MP3 player, it will snap right out.

One of the features that make’s the speaker unique is the accordion center which expands the internal speaker volume and enhances the bass sound. The speaker is expanded by giving the two halves a twist. Now the sound isn’t extremely loud, but it holds its own for its size. Standing about 10 feet away from the speaker I could still hear the music playing through the speaker loud and clear.

The only downfall that I would say is present in the X-mini is that the speaker is a mono speaker, which cheats your music of the anticipated stereo added effects. Perhaps if we had two speakers to make use of the “Buddy Jack” then we would really know how great the sound quality of the speakers is as we would be able to hear it in stereo form.

The X-mini also comes with a bag, which will keep you speaker safe while traveling with it. During the past week I actually took the X-mini with me to a fishing trip where I was able to jam out to some music while waiting for the fish to bite. I also took it to a barbecue and everyone there was impressed with the big sound that was generated from the small speaker.

The price of the X-mini II is  $29.90 and just in case you want to make a fashion statement, they got you covered as the X-mini is available in nine different colors  (black, blue, orange, pink, purple, red, green, silver and white).

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