Ice-T Gives His View About Gun Control

Ice-T speaks about his stance on gun control.

Ice-T has long been a hip hop gangster veteran, yet the rapper turned actor has been able to keep a cool head and never turned a gun on innocent people, even after most of his music contained lyrics of violence and guns.

The nation is not only in mourning but also in shock after the tragic shooting that happened last week at an Aurora, Colorado movie theater. The shooter James Holmes, dressed up in military attire with orange hair and opened fire on a movie theatre that left 15 dead and many more injured.

At the time if the attack he went with the intentions of dressing up as the Joker and acting out as the villainous character. The tragic event seemed to be part of a script from a movie. The only difference between this and the movie was that there was no hero that came to the rescue in this real life horror.

Many are now talking about stricter gun control laws and what can be done to prevent future happenings of this sort from once again materializing. Even celebrities are taking sides on the debate.

Jason Alexander “Seinfeld” went on Twitter war  and tweeted bout whether or not citizens should have access to military grade weapons or automatic rifles. But Ice-T fired back at him claiming that these laws will still not deter an individual from his bad intentions.

Check out what Ice-T tweeted:

@IJasonAlexander I cannot understand support for legality of the kind of weapon in this massacre. It’s a military weapon.why should it be in non- mil hands?

The OG rapper went on to speak about the topic in an interview

“The right to bear arms is because it’s the last form of defense against tyranny,” he said. “If somebody wants to kill people, they don’t need a gun to do it.”

Rick Ross also discussed his feelings on the actual happening calling it “senseless.”

“You know, first and foremost, I send my condolences out to the family members of the victims. It’s just so senseless,” he said.

“You think you’re in the movie, and as I watched him sitting in the courtroom, now he dizzy. Now he dazed. With all the pictures of him and everything that was leading up to the event, he’s smiling and this and that. Now you dazed. Don’t be dazed now. We need you to be focused when this comes down on you, because that was senseless. It’s unfortunate. Don’t be blinkin’ and all that. It could be one of his approaches to his defense, like he ain’t know what was going on. But that ain’t gon’ help you on this one.”

I have to agree with Rick Ross on this aspect of the situation. It seems that James Holmes is playing his cards well in advanced and way better than what anyone would have imagined. The guy not only went into the theater with intentions of killing people, he also left several traps along with 30 grenades in his apartment so that others could be killed once they went to search his home.

This is a guy who was in an elite neuroscience graduate program and quit on June 10 after failing part of his first-year final exam. So he knows how to work his way around the system, heck the bombs he left in his apartment are almost similar to the setups used in Afghanistan and this guy has never set foot there.  So many may ask now is he crazy? In my opinion he is just too smart for his own good and he knows that acting crazy is his ticket to an asylum and away from the death penalty.

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