CROON Audio The Original For High Audio Speaker Systems

CROON Audio Reveals The Original

CROON Audio has announced the launch of its newest speaker collection; ‘The Original’ and has promised that this Bluetooth speaker stands far above the rest not just because of its high quality and unparalleled sound, but also due to the fact that they have topped it off with a one of a kind design!

Here at HipHopFirstClass we love giving you the heads up on the latest technology, but first and foremost we love bringing you the latest in quality technology. We don’t like jumping on products just because it carries a big name, but rather because the product speaks for itself. CROON Audio has been able to bring about a new and enticing home speaker system that will not only look great but promises to far exceed sound quality.

The Original is easy to connect to any Bluetooth device, while at the same time providing unmatched wireless sound performance and design.

CROON Audio merged modern electronics with wood craftsmanship of the highest degree, and forged a seamless balance between contemporary and traditional styles that will amp up the volume of both style and music without the cluttered wired mess. The Original’s speaker features two 2.5” forward facing Full Range Drivers which have been matched to an acoustic amplifier allowing 15 watts per channel and a clear sounding Class D amp.

The isolation cones placed strategically in a tripod pattern at the bottom corners of the sound system reduce the vibration frequencies and provide the most stable supporting structure regardless of the surface on which it rests.

You say you have multiple Bluetooth devices and would like to use The Original with all of them, not to worry CROON Audio has got you covered. The Original will reproduce music wirelessly from any device with Bluetooth or directly through the 3.5 mm connection so it can be used as a premium external speaker system for iPad, Kindle, a laptop computer, electric guitar and more.

Now the styling part of the speaker is quite ingenuitive as they actually put the old saying “less is more” into effect by giving The Original a button less design. Not to worry though you can control the speaker’s functions with your connected touch screen device. And just give everyone a few more options The Original is available Original Black, White on White, Agent Grey and Lady in Red.

Of course there is more to this speaker, but we will touch up on that on the upcoming product review post as we are set to review The Original from Croon Audio.

We will put the speaker through real time environments and push it to the limit, to see how well it performs under pressure. Once the dust settles and all is said and done we will give you the pros and cons on The Original and see if it gets our First Class stamp of approval. Stay tuned and remember we bring you news and entertainment that matters the most, First Class!

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  1. Miguel says:

    This one looks promising I have the JAMBOX and its pretty good but this one looks a bit more classy. When will you have the review?

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