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a-JAYS Four Review: Style, Function and Design All In One!

a-JAYS Four have recently hit the market and it seems that the creators may have stumbled across and genius idea that not only has function in mind, but also brings forth a new style in ear bud fashion.

Reason: A Touch Of Classiness And Ambition Make For A Very Unique Artist

Reason number one, the lyrics have a touch of attitude with an aura of confidence. Reason number two, the flow is impeccable, unique and always on point. Reason number three, the music speaks for itself!

Avengers Alternate Opening Offers Fans A Different Vibe

“The Avengers” was a successful movie, that not only paved the way for a sequel, but also gave us something to rave about while the rest of the marvel superhero movie developed.

Lady Gaga Reveals “FAME” Teaser Videos

Lady Gaga is known to go completely left field and push against the grain, and this time she did nothing different when it came to promoting her new fragrance ‘FAME’ that is set for release in the near future.

Nas and Hennessy V S Take Over The Park (Exclusive Photos)

Nas has long been one of hip hop’s greatest living legends and he has yet to lose a step as he recently rocked the crowd in DC!

id America Brings Hi Quality Sound With Metropolitan Headphones

id America has long been the leader for innovative iPhone cases and are the creators of the popular Spark in-ear headphones. However, id America never settles even after finding success which is why they have produced another innovative audio accessory, the new Metropolitan aluminum in-ear headphones.

Nicki Minaj Goes Off On Fans Via Twitter

Nicki Minaj is known to be brash and at times even pop her lid a few times, but never has she gotten out of control and went off at her fans as she recently did on Twitter.

Iron Solomon Tastes Defeat At The Hands Of Murda Mook Ultimate Rap League’s Summer Madness

Iron Solomon going up against Murda Mook was a highly anticipated rap battle as both were set to take each other on round after round, however things quickly turned for one of the battle emcees as he began to dominate his competition.

r.O.b Holds It Down For His Hometown

r.O.b. Releases new music video Hometown

There comes a time in a person’s life when he is faced with a situation that can alter his life in a very dramatic fashion. When this time comes he can ether do one of two things, he can accept the situation and give into it or he can take the situation and turn it into momentum to show people that there really is not limit to what a person can do when he really dedicates himself to persevering and succeeding in life.

Hip Hop Honey Rosa Acosta Is A Dominican Dream!

Hip Hop Honey Rosa Acosta first began her road to stardom at the age of four when she was enrolled in classic ballet at the Centro de la Cultura in Santiago, Dominican Republic. Though she was looking to be a world recognized ballet dancer, her dream would come to be in the form of something more.