Kanye West Flaunts Kim Kardashian In Music Video During Kris Humphries Diss

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian recently showed the world the reason why they are both meant for each other as Kim made an appearance in Kanye’s newest music video.

It’s no secret that Kanye and Kim never shy away from attention, as a matter of fact they fully embrace it with open arms. But people just don’t give them the credit they deserve for knowing when and where to stay relevant in the media.

The power couple otherwise known as Kimye, have shown the world that they are a force to be dealt with. And as almost everyone knows Kanye loves showing off Kim along with her curvey body and pretty face. He gives her the title of his “Perfect Bitch” yet he does it with such confidence and arrogance that it is accepted by everyone.

Now Kanye not only had the glory of bringing Kim into a music video, but he did it in style while he seemed to be dissing Kris Humphries. I guess it’s one thing to have your cake and eat it too, but success is so much sweeter when you can rub it in someone else’s face.

Kanye released a new music video for “I Wish You Could/Cold”, a hybrid of songs by DJ Khaled, Rick Ross and Kanye himself, with a special appearance by Ms. Kim who pops up at the end of the video.

In “Way Too Cold” Kanye publicly announced his love for Kim and went as far as to mention that he could have Kim’s ex, Kris Humphries, removed from the New York Jets. How you may ask. Well Jay-Z is a minority owner of the basketball team and best friends with Kanye. So you better believe that the man can make it happen!

“I’ll admit I fell in love with Kim around the same time she had fell in love with him,” he raps. “Well, that’s cool, baby girl, do you thing / Lucky I ain’t have Jay drop him from the team.”

Kim Kardashian comes in at about the 5:10 mark of the video standing behind Yeezy in a dark cloak with an inviting sexy smirk.

Since its release Kim has been promoting the music video on her Twitter page and website. She also recently spoke about growing old with her rapper boyfriend in New York Magazine.

“When this whole life is done, and it’s just the two of us sitting somewhere when we’re 80, you want to have things to talk about that you have in common,” she said. “I think that’s something maybe I didn’t value as highly as a quality I cared about in someone.”

Check out the video and let us know what you think:


One Response to Kanye West Flaunts Kim Kardashian In Music Video During Kris Humphries Diss

  1. Darey says:

    ABSOLUTELY!!!! you could just FEEL this whole charade was for one thing-money money money. that whole famliy is all about the dollar amount, they are the personification of GREED. and stupid people who actually watch their shows and buy their products are pitiable. I was suprised the wedding even went ahead but not at all shocked by the divorce. I knew this wouldnt last. I mean in the few trailers for the wedding special you could see he didnt even know hald the people at his own wedding! this is ust greed at its most disgusting. Watch her get paid for the divorce exclusive’ where she’ll sob her heart’ out about it and blah blah blah. all done for cash. I laughed at her wedding plans-classless, tasteless and vile. like she could BUY a marriage, buy the happy ever after. well guess what, sweetie, you cant. its called work. real work, somethig the K famliy knows nothign of.

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