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Gangnam Style Video: Boys Over Flowers

Gangnam Style is once again making headlines, this time around we are bringing you a first-hand look at the “boys over Flowers Gangnam Style video”. Provided by

Many of you may still be lost on the whole message that Psy has been trying to present with his song title Gangnam Style. Well to help clear the air we are bringing you a visual aid with this new video.

Nicki Minaj Launches Pink Friday Fragrance: Gives Fans A Special Treat

Nicki Minaj has been a busy lady as of lately! Yet she still manages to pursue new endeavors every chance she gets. Such is the case, as the hip hop artist has now released her first new fragrance, Pink Friday.

Nicki Minaj was on hand to see the launch her first fragrance, Pink Friday, at Macy*s Herald Square NYC yesterday. Not one to disappoint fans, Nicki came to the event in style! Nicki had everyone talking as she stepped onto the pink carpet wearing a hot pink Armani blazer, Marni blue and white high-wasted skinny pants, Giuseppe Zanotti blue suede wedge booties, a vintage rainbow swirled bra, pink police officer hat and striking blonde wig by Terrance Davidson.

GreatApps:For Your Music Needs And More!

With technology leading the way in the form of entertainment and social living it is almost impossible not to have any apps on your mobile device. Let’s face it no matter how fancy your phone may be it always lacks that extra something to give you the enjoyment you deserve. Well today we bring a cure for all your app wants and needs in the form of

Now, this is not your normal every day website, this is something a bit more special; as it features the best apps on the market. Their library of apps is actually quite extensive and even if we tried there would be no way that we could finish listing them all, which is the very reason why we have taken the ones that we feel will apply more to you.

Gangnam Style: The History Of A K-pop Crossover Hit

We know all of our K-Pop fans have been frantically waiting to read the latest on what has become the “Gangnam Style” craze! What began as an exciting song coupled with an out of the ordinary dance has now grown to be the latest “in thing”. In a mission to bring you the facts on how this song has gained worldwide attention, we have teamed up with K-Pop experts and came up with the following guide and facts to help keep you up to date with “Gangnam Style”.

The Korean pop viral video “Gangnam Style” has reached over 230 million hits on YouTube in just a couple months – becoming one of the most viral videos ever made. It’s an incredible feat for anyone, much less a relatively not well-known rapper from South Korea.

These days it’s all eyes on PSY, his fun dance moves and those crazy outfits.  His new manager Scooter Braun, who discovered the Biebs, has had him on “Ellen” fulfilling Britney Spears’ tweeted wish to teach her the horse dance. Then, the morning show circuit, including the Today Show, SNL and a surprise drop-in at The Circle Nightclub, a popular Midtown NYC hotspot where companies like DramaFever have held launch parties that wrap around the block.

Speaking of DramaFever, their K-pop experts helped us put together a primer of sorts, for anyone who wants more “Gangnam Style” goodness.

Hip Hop Beef Sizzles Between Diggy Simmons And J Cole

Hip Hop Beef re-ignites J.Cole vs Diggy Simmons

Hip Hop Beef is never really picky when it comes to its victims, such is the case with J. Cole and Diggy Simmons recent back and forth jabs. Except Diggy seems to have fired back with  a complete track after J. Cole tried testing the waters so to speak.

About half a year ago Cole and Diggy first had a lightweight beef against each other that was quickly squashed, but it seems that J. Cole was not content on leaving he matter alone as he re ignited the fight when Kendrick Lamar invited him onstage in Charlotte, N.C. J Cole then spit a freestyle that had a jab aimed at Diggy Simmons: “Picture me hating on a young n—a with talent/Album flopped, but it’s cool, he caked out on his allowance.”

Nicki Minaj Confirmed On American Idol Mariah Carey Not Happy

Hip hop beef knows no boundaries as is the case with Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey who are now going to be seeing a lot of each other on the judge’s panel of American Idol. Up until a few days ago Nicki Minaj was only rumored to be signing on to American Idol but with only days remaining for the season premiere, the contracts have been finalized and now the drama will begin.

Hip Hop Beef With Lupe Fiasco And Chieef Keef Ends

Hip Hop Beef Between Lupe Fiasco and Chief Keef

Hip Hop Beef has long been one of the motivators for great rap battles, that have turned a musical sport into a community’s worst nightmare.

Lupe Fiasco and Chief Keef were recently involved in a hip hop beef of sorts that you could say was actually short lived.

Erica Mena Clocks In As A Puerto Rican Hip Hop Honey Money Maker

Erica Mena Has just recently gained traction as a Hip Hop Honey, but don’t get it twisted this feisty Puerto Rican Beauty has been around for quite some time and has used her looks and the hustle game to get to where she is today.

Erica was born on November 8, 1987, and is of both Puerto Rican and Dominican decent. However, many people would agree that her being raised in the in Bronx (N.Y) is what ultimately gave her an edge over her competition.

Lil Wayne Launches Red Beats By Dr Dre Pro Headphones At 2012 MTV VMA’s

Lil Wayne Teams Up With Beats By Dre

Lil Wayne was in attendance at last night’s VMA’s and many of you may have noticed that the Young Money President was wearing some very bright headphones throughout the entire event.

Joseline Hernandez Hip Hop Honey Or Not?

Joseline Hernandez is our latest addition to our Hip Hop Honey list. Let’s face it the one reason this girl made the list is because she came out of nowhere and literally flaunted her curves in front of millions of viewers worldwide.