Joseline Hernandez Hip Hop Honey Or Not?

Joseline Hernandez is our latest addition to our Hip Hop Honey list. Let’s face it the one reason this girl made the list is because she came out of nowhere and literally flaunted her curves in front of millions of viewers worldwide.

Joseline Hernandez is not your regular singer, rapper, model or whatever else you may want to label her. As we recently tried digging up as much info as we could about her it came to our attention that this is one woman who has a very secretive background.

She happens to be a Miami native who was discovered by Stevie J in a very unlikely place. However, at this time we really don’t think he discovered her voice or lyrical talent, if anything maybe just her curves and then he decided to try and work with that. If you watched the show Love and Hip Hop Atlanta than you know that her voice was nothing to brag about. As a matter of fact, did anyone even understand half of the things she said?

While I’m on the topic, being a cast member on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta is one major job that she can now add to her résumé. As most people may now by now she did work as an exotic dancer prior to being discovered. However, here is an extra bit of information you may not have been aware of, she was also a personal trainer at one point in her life.

Joseline has been the talk of many conversations as the show ‘Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’ has aired her and brought her into the limelight that she so desperately sought. Let’s face it about 80 percent of the woman who have seen the show may not like her and the other 20 percent just don’t care about her or what she has to say. Not to mention that she has also had several mug shots surface on the internet for different arrests and charges.

At the end of the day she tries to keep her haters at bay and still pursue her career as an aspiring Reggaeton artist. But to be quite frank she just does not seem to have the voice for it so we would say that she needs to stick with modeling. There are several hip hop honeys’ that make that paper on a daily basis.

To this day one of my colleagues still questions the fact that we have listed her as a hip hop honey. But in her defense, she is in a hip hop show and many men are actually amazed by her looks. Regardless, we would love to get everyone’s opinion on this! Do you think she deserves to be on our hip hop honey’s list or should she be omitted from the ranks of what it is to be a true model? Comment below and let us know what you think, if we have enough requests we’ll be more than glad to omit her from our list!

5 Responses to Joseline Hernandez Hip Hop Honey Or Not?

  1. Jacob says:

    Not worthy of being a HHHoney!

  2. Dora says:

    Her ass deserves to be a HipHop Honey but omit her face 🙂

  3. Chantel says:

    Hated her on the show, and her face has got to go. But her body is ok

  4. breanne benson says:


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