Nicki Minaj Confirmed On American Idol Mariah Carey Not Happy

Hip hop beef knows no boundaries as is the case with Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey who are now going to be seeing a lot of each other on the judge’s panel of American Idol. Up until a few days ago Nicki Minaj was only rumored to be signing on to American Idol but with only days remaining for the season premiere, the contracts have been finalized and now the drama will begin.

It became official yesterday afternoon as Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban were finalizing their contract with American Idol. They will now be a part of the judging panel on the shows 12th season which is only days away. But one person is not so happy with the addition of the hip hop rapper. Mariah Carey has revealed her dislike for Nicki Minaj time and time again. Now it is said that she is fuming about the fact that Nicki was signed on board even though Mariah was told that she would be the only female on the judge’s panel.

The funny part is that Nicki does not like Mariah either, so it only makes sense that they have already started disagreeing on several issues. This may be the Hip Hop Beef of the century as Mariah has earned her right to be on the judging panel yet many still question the fact that Nicki does not really bring anything talent wise to the table.

Sure she may be a current hip hop sensation but that does not mean that she can sing, nor does it give her the right to judge others on their singing and performance.

I mean come on let’s face it, all of her songs are chopped up and edited so much that you would hardly be able to make for a good verse with her raw vocals much less an entire song. And really what got her famous from the get go was the fact that she filled out a pair of jeans quite nicely. This got her a major male audience and soon enough female’s followed because she signed with Lil Wayne.

And I can give credit to Lil Wayne for being in the game so long, but one can argue all day long about whether or not he has any real talent as well. Not hating, simply stating that Lil Wayne has just been putting out quantity instead of quality material for years now.

Positive and negative notes on hiring Nicki Minaj as an American Idol Judge

Now let’s look at the bright side of things, Nicki may have brought some much needed press to American Idol recently, but this will all die down in a few days.  Another issue that I see in the near future is that American Idol will likely turn into Nicki Minaj vs Mariah Carey bout rather than a talent show.

Sure, they might get some press in the show of people who want to see Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj clash on every single decision that they make, but that will quickly go stale as the show continues.  It will be less than a month before ratings completely crash for the show.

I for one think that American Idol made a big mistake with Nicki, what kind of advice can she give the contestants? Better yet, how many contestants will fire back at her when she gives them some advice of which she know nothing about. Some may say that she can offer fashion advice, but I hardly doubt that she knows what fashion really is, besides this is a talent show not a fashion show!

Here’s what two of the biggest “Idol” recently said on the topic.

“I am absolutely intrigued by Nicki Minaj as ‘American Idol’ judge. She’s a good addition, if only because ‘Idol’ needs her more than she needs them. Nicki is so hot on the charts right now. … She’s a character and an oddball,” MJ Santilli, who runs “Idol” fan site, told MTV News.

MJ I hate to disagree with you, but you really sound more like a Nicki fan instead of an Idol expert. The show is in big trouble because it’s quality and content are going down the drain, bringing a talentless judge into the show is only going to cause more damage that help. And it just may rob an artist with real talent from an opportunity of a lifetime.

Now check out what Ricky Yaneza had to say.

“A lot of the ‘purist’ fans are complaining that she can’t sing, relying heavily on Auto-Tune, and shouldn’t be judging the show. However, she brings in an urban and pop presence we have not seen on the panel ever,” Rickey Yaneza, from, said.

“She is the most current artist that the show has had and is actually currently working. [She] makes the show current regardless of what you think of her. Nicki is going to be a great judge, and the fact that Mariah already ‘hates’ her makes me look forward to their interaction on the show.”

Now Ricky, with that kind of thinking I can only imagine that you are actually hoping for the best, because Nicki brings nothing but trouble for Mariah and the show. Like you mentioned, yes she does you Auto-Tune and she uses it heavily, almost to the point that she makes T-Pain frown. Mind you that T-Pain has a great voice and can actually sing, but that is neither here nor there. Another good point is that even when Nicki tries to rap she is always off beat, which is the main reason her producers use stutter fx on her vocals, not because it was meant to sound like that but rather to make her sound good.

Let me see now, does Mariah use Auto-Tune? Sure perhaps to fix minor adjustments, does she use stuttering effects because she is off beat when singing? NO! Does Keith Urban use Auto-Tune or stuttering effects? No, because he actually has something that is called talent which is what American Idol is supposed to be all about!!

Now I know many of you may be thinking, who will be the first to either quit the show or get kicked out from the show Nicki Minaj or Mariah Carey? Well in reality you should be asking, how long with American Idol survive, because this drastic move to sign Nicki as a judge sure has showed how unpopular the show has become.

So American Idol executives and producers please take the time to think about your next move as the balance of the show hangs in your decision making and I think it is safe to say that hiring Nicki to be a judge has really taken the show back about 30 steps.

If  X-Factor and The Voice were now in a ratings chess match with American Idol, I would say this would be a big ‘check’ that is leading up to a close ‘Checkmate’!

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3 Responses to Nicki Minaj Confirmed On American Idol Mariah Carey Not Happy

  1. Jackie says:

    she is overrated please get her out of there!

  2. Terry says:

    She’s cool but She has no business judging others! The girl cant even sing!

  3. julia spritz says:

    FNicki has no type of singing talent and her fashion is highschool..wat a,joke

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