Ballistic HC Series Provides Ultimate Protection For Your iPhone 4/4S

Ballistic has long been the trend setter when it comes to protection for electronics and today we’ve given them the challenge of showing us how well their Ballistic Hard Core (HC) Series Case protects the iPhone 4. Just to give you a quick heads up these cases are anything but basic. They add bulk to your iPhone, but give you a barrier that at times seems impenetrable. The multiple layers of materials between your phone and the ground offer confidence that will leave you worry free every time your iPhone 4/4S hits the floor.

The Ballistic Hard Core (HC) Series Case is a five-layer, full coverage polycarbonate hard case. It includes a polymer inner and outer lining, geared towards impact resistance and topped off with a wrap-around silicone skin that leaves your iPhone 4/4S in the hands of professionals.

Ballistic HC with iPhone

Here at HipHopFirstClass we’ve had our fair share of phone case reviews, but to this day I can honestly say that Ballistic has actually come across as one of the most sturdiest phones cases that we have reviewed. They are all about business yet they still manage to pull off some style points with their Ballistic HC iPhone 4 case.

The packaging for the Ballistic HC case is actually very well thought out, as it has multi-layer’s and is bulky much like the Ballistic HC case itself.  You could say that the box gives you a sense of profesionalism and is just a hint of what its lurking inside and what is yet to come. The case and the clip are actually separated by a plastic box and a Ballistic sticker is also included.

Now I have to admit the case is not very easy to open, as I had to place a coin on the side notch then twist and pry the case open. After a few minutes I was finally able to get it open. On one hand this is rather inconvenient but on the other hand this shows you that the case is meant to keep the iPhone protected and it will never open when dropped.

The front cover has a built in screen cover, so the phone is protected all around. The Silicone skin protects the headphone port opening and Data Port with flaps that open easily for access. They do stay shut very tightly when closed and literally act as plugs to the port areas. The case is a rather tight fit, but this is expected from a case that literally wraps itself around the iPhone 4/4S. A belt clip is included and may add a bit more bulk to an already bulky case, but is an added comfort for the user. The belt clip anchors the phone safely to the clip and is actually very comfortable. Releasing it is easy, but an accidental release is unlikely.

The power and volume are wrapped by the interior polycarbonate case that compliments it with snappy response as opposed to the rubbery feel of other cases. The smaller ports like the ear-level speaker, bottom microphone and speaker are protected by mesh fabric while the FaceTime front camera and infrared sensor is covered by clear plastic.  The screen protector does not interfere with your ability to view the screen and gives you quality response on the touch pass-through.

Now on to the actual field test of the Ballistic HC case. We took the courage to actually drop the Ballistic HC case with the iPhone 4 inside of it, from 12ft straight on to a concrete floor. The case held up, did not open and actually walked away with only dirt. We then aimed for 30ft from the top of a building and we were actually generous to drop it on dirt ground. Once again the case and iPhone 4 went unscathed. At this point we felt that the Ballistic HC case proved its point. The only thing we can actually complain about is the fact that it is not completely waterproof so we could not immerse it in a bucket of water, but other than that the Ballistic HC gets 5 stars!

The case is actually available in several different colors. The colors of the cases are black on black, grey on black, and pink on black, plus a red on black version which is the one we got.

At 49.99, the price is not bad when you consider the fact that this case is offering you over the top protection that will leave you laughing at everyone else’s iPhone case.

The final verdict is that this case is  best in its class, regardless of its strong competition from OtterBox. If you are serious about having a case that will keep your iPhone protected against all falls, rough handling and the elements, then the Ballistic HC is the case for you.

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