The Game Offers New York Citizens Money To Go Vote

The Game may always had a chip on his shoulder on and off the mic, but that does not mean that he does not make time to be a good citizen and help the people and the country both at the same time. Game say’s he knows that elections are important for the country and the people living in it, which is why he’s been helping New Yorkers affected by Hurricane Sandy get to their nearest voting stations.

Now many of you may know by now that New York has lost a step as it was hit hard last week by Hurricane Sandy. The storm left thousands of people without power and water, and in some cases, without homes. Now, with 2012 Preseidential Election on hand, California’s own “The Game” has taken initiative as he has been lending a hand to most New Yorkers so that they may be able to get to the polls and vote.

Game spoke to Fuse TV about how he’s given 500 New Yorkers $20 each so that they may purchase train tickets. He also explained that he’s been providing people with rides to and from the nearest voting booth in or out of state.

“Well, what I wanted to do was try to encourage people to in New York [to vote],” he said. “I filed my absentee ballot for Obama, so when I got out here, I wanted to just give 500 people $20 to get on the train [and] we went to some gas stations, picked people up, took ’em to vote and took ’em back.”

Now many of you may be wondering, how did The Game make sure that they actually used the money to pay for the subway and go vote? The answer is really quite simple as The Game said in the interview. “ You gotta have faith right!”

Check out the full interview below.

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