Lana Fuchs Holds The Secret To The Blueprint: Exclusive Interview

Lana Fuchs

Lana Fuchs is a celebrity with her own rights and she starred in TLC’s Sin City Rules. The show is not airing anymore, but she’s a fashion designer for the Billionaire M.A.F.I.A line. Lana also has a denim line called F.V.C.H.S and over above that she has written a book named “The Blueprint”. Have you heard of “The Secret”? Then this book is the secret to the secret like the formula is in the mechanism but how to make your life everything you ever wanted it to be. 

HipHopFirstClass caters to the hip hop community; in every way possible. We bring you up to date music and news, that matters the most. Today is no exception as we bring to you an exclusive interview with author, reality star, fashion designer and trendsetter, Lana Fuchs.

HipHopFirstClass:We understand that you are Russian born and raised in Brooklyn, and you made it big in your own way. What advice would you give women to encourage them to follow their dreams?

Lana: Well where do I begin. Well really my number one motto that I live by is “Believe in yourself when no one else does,” and I think as women it’s really time for us to reclaim the power that is right for us. We have given away not hundreds but thousands of years ago. If we can understand and realize the power that we truly have we’ll join together as sort of sisterhood instead of trying to stab each other in the back or in the front for that matter. And be there to you know support one another instead of doing what so many women typically do nowadays I’m sure you know all of it I don’t have to go into the details. I think that especially there are a lot of women out there who are not sure if they can have a career and family. Well I’m living proof that you can but it just takes planning and strategy but if that’s what we want then that’s what we should go get. Just because we’re women doesn’t mean that we’re in your life that it makes us better. We are actually built to be able to multitask to do much more than men. We’re stronger than them and in fact I think that we’re smarter than them.

HipHopFirstClass: That is true, or we could be equals.

Lana: No I don’t think we’re equal I think we’re far more superior. Do you know anyone else who can bleed for seven days and live to tell about it?

HipHopFirstClass: No, I totally forgot about that *laughs*

Lana: Thank you *laughs* I’m just saying.

HipHopFirstClass: When did your fascination with fashion begin?

Lana: I was probably eight or eight and a half years old. I was a very overweight, lonely, came to this country and I didn’t speak English, I didn’t have the right clothes since we were dirt poor or in the words of Oprah “poo-r”. And so I had a lot of time and I was pretty much alone and we lived in a basement apartment in Brooklyn. The only little creatures I had to talk to were rats, which I thought were very cute by the way. I had no problem with them until my mother discovered them feeding them half of my baloney sandwich and freaked out! When I turned nine, my uncle gave me a Barbie doll and that changed my life because I thought that was the most beautiful thing I had seen in my life. The Barbie was stunning, beautiful and amazing and so I created an entirely new life for Barbie because I hated the clothes she came in. I started to cut off little pieces of cloth, my mother’s tablecloth, window curtains, and whatever she had. I just used little scraps to make clothes for her and my grandmother had a sewing machine and she taught me how to sew. That was pretty much the beginning with my obsession with fashion and beauty.

HipHopFirstClass: I read that you would start fashion designs for customers around 1995 who would request your designs, and your line went big in 2008.

Lana: I started to make beautiful clothes for myself after I practiced on Barbie, and a lot of my friends were asking, “OMG! Where did you get this,” and “Where did you buy that?” and I said, “Well I made it”. They surely started to come around and asked me to make customized gowns for them, and that’s kind of how it began and I loved it so much. Just like everyone else that wanted more, so that’s when I did my first fashion show during Fashion Week in 2008 I believe.

HipHopFirstClass: Lots of goals and determination in it and it paid off.

Lana: Oh my god, absolutely! I don’t speak “no” it’s not in my vocabulary. If you say no that only means that I have to get it faster.

HipHopFirstClass: What was the first garment you have ever designed as the Lana Fuchs Couture?

Lana: It will have to be- well aside from Barbie I think it was when I was probably thirteen or fourteenth I started to make stuff for myself. I kept on doing it until I got really good, and I would buy books on sewing. When I couldn’t afford it I used to go to the Brooklyn Public Library and get a lot of books. These books had patterns and I had to learn about patterns and how to make them, so I basically self-taught myself.

HipHopFirstClass: Wow! That’s really awesome.

Lana: Thanks! I’m pretty persistence what can I tell you. I want it one way or another I’ll learn to do it and go get it.

HipHopFirstClass: How would you describe the Lana Fuchs fashion line?

Lana: Billionaire M.A.F.I.A is really an image enhancer which is designed to make any man feel like the man.

HipHopFirstClass: I read that you designed for Ray J, Busta Rhymes, and other hip-hop artists, so it makes them feel like the man?

Lana: Well the clothing line- the artists are great and I love them, but it’s really designed for regular guys. Unfortunately the prize for the fashion are so exuberant, they’re so high that in order to live in today you have to spend all your money on clothes. Well we still have a lot of bills to pay, baby mommas, and children, you know? So what if you come out with a line that has the look and feel of being very expensive but with an affordable prizing. So once a guy has dressed himself and still has money for their baby momma and to go to a club to show off their new threads.

HipHopFirstClass: Where do you draw the inspiration from for your designs?

Lana: Oh my gosh, my inspiration comes from everyone and everything. When I drive down the street, when I walk, when I travel anywhere from Paris to Africa, and India. When I study history and I see how everyone used to dress from the older royalty to the regular guys, and I think it depends to where my head is at the moment. Of course there’s fashion treads that we all have to follow but really it comes from…life and from traveling the world. I love to travel I’m so- every time I go to you know Africa, Dubai, Paris, Italy this and that or I’m always inspired. I come back with a whole new vision on what the collection should look like.

HipHopFirstClass: What would be your biggest achievement as a fashion designer?

Lana: What an interesting question. You know I think that the first time someone paid for my clothes wasn’t really a big deal, because it‘s great to design and it’s wonderful. When someone else is willing to pay to wear something that originally came from the deepest crevices of your mind is really my version of a high. I’ve never done drugs in my life but I’m pretty sure that’s how it feels like.

HipHopFirstClass: Who are some of your favorite fashion designers?

Lana: Roberto Cavalli, Dolce Gabbana, Valentino I love Valentino, and I think Oscar de la Renta. Of course before that there was my personal favorite Coco Chanel. I used study her when I was a child and I was so inspired by her.

HipHopFirstClass: I saw an interview that you were wearing one of her dresses and it looked really nice.

Lana: Thank you. Yes I am a big fan.

HipHopFirstClass: How would you describe your own personal style?

Lana: Understated devastation, classy elegant, and always with a bite; with just a touch of venom.

HipHopFirstClass:What’s next for Lana Fuchs?

Lana: I’m a simple girl just worldwide domination, that’s all.

HipHopFirstClass:: That’s- I’m- I’m like just speechless I believe you already dominated the world.

Lana: I’m defiantly working on it but there’s like what 8 billion people but I’m getting there.

HipHopFirstClass: What is Billionaire M.A.F.I.A? Can you give our readers a little insight on Billionaire M.A.F.I.A.?

Lana: Well I love fashion always have and Billionaire M.A.F.I.A is really my idea of saying how much for the streets, kind of to my upbringing. My dad was the original O.G. back in the day, and growing up as I was raised as a boy. I’m the first of three children and I was really the son he wanted and so for some reasons my life I went hunting, fishing, shooting and doing all kinds of things that boys do. And of course when my dad was running with his entourage let’s call them that I was always there and I’d watched what they did and how they did it. When I was five my dad gave me a gun and taught me how to shoot, and I love that part of my life I love that part of who I am. It gives me a certain strength and power that I think some women don’t have. Billionaire M.A.F.I.A was really my way of keeping that fresh and alive and playing homage to that part. And also to have some fun because you can’t be in a country club all the time it kind of gets boring and I love to go from the country club, to the hood, and back to the country club. Also M.A.F.I.A is really an acronym for “music, art, fashion inspires all” because truly music, art, and fashion are the common language for all people all over this planet. So I know barriers regardless of what language you speak because what you hear, what you see, and what you wear kind of inspires who you are.

HipHopFirstClass: If an artist wishes to be signed to Billionaire M.A.F.I.A what advice would you give them?

Lana: My partner Tracey Smith and I are not in the business of bursting anybody. We’ve been there and done that. What we’re looking for are those artists that have done their indulgence, they’ve done their hard work, they burst themselves, and they’re ready for the next step. They have to do the work, they have to go and get the streets to support them, and they have to get their cities to follow them and to really embrace them, and to get themselves out there to do the hard work. We’re not interested in doing all the hard work we want somebody who’s gonna go and work, and be persistent. Basically show us that they’re worthy, be persistent, and show us why it has to be you and not someone else. I want somebody who’s going to be able to grab the bull by the horns, or by the balls depending on how you look at it, and go get whatever it is that they want. That’s determination and that is what will lead all of us to success, if they’re just going to sign a deal, sit there, and wait to be promoted and sold, no thank you I’m not interested.

HipHopFirstClass: Do you currently have any artists signed to the label?

Lana: No not yet. Actually we are very, very, very selective and a lot of the guys that- well not just guys but girls- you know male and female artists that come to us they’re not of the caliber that we want, and Tracey being an expert in the music world. She spent probably the biggest part of her life in the music world she’s really an expert. She knows exactly what will and will not sell and what she wants, so until we get the right people, we’re not desperate you know.

HipHopFirstClass: That’s good that you put artists to get their goals and achievements in order to get them signed to the record label. That would actually get them more prepped up into following their dreams.

Lana: Music is not what it used to be. It used to be a time when you can make money and do all kinds of things. Even the big major record labels are not spending money anymore, so basically they can be signed to a major record label and be sheltered up for a year, or two, or five and never get an record out.

HipHopFirstClass: What inspired you to give the advice to your readers and fans to become successful in the world?

Lana: I don’t like to see suffering or lack in the world I really- I think in many ways I’m an idealist. So I started to write a book a while ago, but like everyone else I get busy with the collection and the rest that I do, my children, and life in general. But then I met a young lady by the name Renee Hertzler, who had won a Twitter contest to come and spend a day with me. She shared her life story with me and I was so inspired, humbled, and touched. That after she left I literally stopped everything and spend the next couple of months or actually a little bit less finishing this book. It was actually this girl Renee that inspired me to finish it and share it with the world.

HipHopFirstClass is also proud to announce that Lana has officially released her new book The Blueprint which can be ordered online here.


Book Information from Lana’s perspective: It’s really years, and years, and years of research and travel of learning how to create the perfect life. What I’ve done is I read the concepts; I studied all the religions of the world including all the sacred texts. Then I traveled to learn from the masters whether it be in Cambodia, India, or Africa. Wherever they may be I found the shamans and the masters and a couple with quantum physics, which has always been an obsession of mine. More specifically quantum mechanics and I realized that they were all saying the same. What the scientists were saying and what the great sages and masters were saying including Jesus, Muhammad, Moses, and Buddha was exactly the same thing. I thought, “Well how come these guys, these two communities are fighting because they’re preaching exactly the same thing but both are making it so complicated that regular people don’t get it?” They start leading some information and they’ll just put it down because they start to feel like they’re dumb, they’re not getting it. Once I traveled and studied their practices I realized, “Oh my god this is pretty easy. I can do this!” My friends started to do this and I felt you know, how can I get this to the rest of the world. A lot of my fans wanted to know because they were emailing and calling asking, “Well how did you become you. How were you able to accomplish all of these things?” I thought, “Oh my god! How do I do this?” So I sat down and with the help from Tracey who is like my sister from another mister. Really just started to write down the mechanism of how I do it and why I do it, and there you have The Blueprint.

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