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PACIFIC RIM “Jaeger Pack” Giveaway


PACIFIC RIM is only days away from making its’ monstrous debut as it hits the big screen on July 12th and we are more than excited to offer you the opportunity to join in on the action packed adventure! Warner Bros has done it again by not only bringing you a hot action packed summer movie, and this time around we are getting things started by running the Pacific Rim “Jaeger Pack” Sweepstakes.

In this unique one of a kind giveaway we will be giving 6 lucky fans a chance at winning some Pacific Rim movie passes and some exclusive Jaeger trading cards. Now here is the big thing about these trading cards, they are going o be very rare in the sense that they are only going to be made for this sweepstake’s in order to promote the film. In other words they are going to be extremely valuable once the Sweepstakes ends.

Antonio Villard Brings The Next Big Thing In E Cigars: Review & Giveaway

Anywhere, Anytime-Antonio Villard Premium Electronic Cigars-GooglePlus

Antonio Villard is quickly becoming a synonym when it comes to premium E-Cigars and if you are not familiar with E-Cigars by now, then you are missing out on what happens to be one of the fastest trends there is! 

Now, its no secret that HipHopFirstClass caters to the hip hop community and our first class fans; in more ways than one. You depend on us for news, music, celebrity gossip, current fashion, technology, and new products. But more than anything you look to us, so that we may give you the inside scoop on what’s fresh and trending in today’s market that will keep you one step ahead of the crowd. Today we are glad to introduce a new innovation in cigars as we review Antonio Villard Royale and Cubana Premium e-cigars.

Native Instruments Will Soon Release TRAKTOR KONTROL Z1


Native instruments is hitting the music scene hard with their newest interface the TRAKTOR KONTROL Z1 that is set to hit the market  later this month! Now you know we like to keep you up to date on the the freshest gear and music available to you, as soon as we put our stamp of approval on it. We have yet to actually review the TRAKTOR KONTROL Z1, but will do so as soon as we receive the unit next week. However, according to the press release, this new interface will be making waves with all the DJ’s and music aficionados as well! I for one cannot wati to actually test it out!

Wicked Audio Headphone Giveaway

Wicked Audio Partners With Miss Universe Sweden

Wicked Audio has been coming strong as a top notch competitor in the audio headphone category and just to prove that they mean business they have recently teamed up with Dirty Rebel Wear to bring new products to their fans! In honor of this new partnership, Wicked Audio has given  us the go-ahead to give all our fans at HipHopFirstClass the opportunity at winning a pair of Wicked Audio Evac Headphones!

MAN OF STEEL “Super Prize Pack” Sweepstakes


HipHopFirstClass is at it again with yet another prime-time “Super” exclusive giveaway for all of our fans, this time we bring you the “Man Of Steel Super Prize Pack Giveaway”! As we all know summer is upon us and that marks the beginning of scorching hot days, and hot action packed movies! With that in mind, Warner Bros has teamed up with us to give you an opportunity at winning some exclusive prizes for what promises to be the most action packed and highly anticipated movie of the year!