Monthly Archives: May 2014

BLENDED “Family Adventure Pack” Sweepstakes



Once again Warner Bros is bringing you the opportunity to win a BLENDED “Family Adventure Pack” ! With this action packed comedy you’ll want to make sure to enter for the chance to win a family adventure pack including a t-shirt, tank top, safari hat, fanny pack, movies passes and more on behalf of the film.

GODZILLA “ Gift Card” Sweepstakes


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We are once again proud to bring you yet another Giveaway as we present the  GODZILLA “ Gift Card” sweepstakes!

This is your very own opportunity to enter to win a $25 gift card good towards the purchase of laptops, tablets, TVs, security systems, PC Parts and more at the best prices along with a GODZILLA movie poster on behalf of the film.

GODZILLA “Summer Pack” Giveaways


GODZILLA has been lurking and waiting for the opportune moment to make a come back! And after years of waiting in anticipation, now is the time! Make sure you are part of history as we are giving you a chance at winning a one of a kind GODZILLA thematic summer prize pack!