SOL REPUBLIC Master Tracks XC Final Day of Summer Giveaway

Master Tracks XC

Labor Day is upon us and that means that Summer has officially come to a close! College is back in session, and offices everywhere are back in full swing. So once again its time to get on our -A- game and get back to the daily grind! But fear not as Sol Republic is looking to make the transition a smooth one!

Everyone had some fun trips through out this summer as they visited beaches around the world and worked on their tan. Some hit the gym weeks in anticipation to get the sculpted physique they wanted in order to show it off at the beach, lakes and water parks. Then there were others who visited casino’s and tried their hand at making some money at the tables or slots. And of course there were those getaways where people were just looking to have a bit of relaxation time maybe do a bit of golfing or fishing. Even though everyone had a different vacation and mind frame as to what their perfect getaway was, we all had one thing in common this summer!

We all heard all the latest summer music hits that kept us smiling through out our  Summer!

Ariana Grande’s -Problem-Ft. Iggy Azalea had ladies dancing and singing along everywhere, regardless of whether it was a simple drive to the store or on the dance floor in California’s hottest clubs.

How about Jason Derulo with his hit ‘Wiggle’ Featuring Snoop Dogg, you know this one got major playtime in clubs all across the globe. Then there were reports of how party goers everywhere were having epic times with DJ Snake and Lil Jon with their hit ‘Turn Down for What’.

Let’s not forget Calvin Harris’ hit ‘Summer’, I mean come on, what would summer be without it’s own anthem song?

Speaking of Calvin Harris, SOL REPUBLIC has brought forth some new headphones, the MASTER TRACKS XC studio tuned by Calvin Harris. And we are giving away a pair to one lucky winner, all you have to do is tell us what your favorite Summer music hit was in the comment section below.

Let me give you a rundown of these one-of-a-kind headphones; they are unique in the sense that Master Tracks XC isn’t just another music artist’s headphone, it’s a headphone for music artists.The sound is acoustically accurate for music artists to use in the studio, and style, lightweight design and durability for use everywhere else, Master Tracks XC over-ear headphones deliver professional-grade sound with a modern headphone design.

These headphones are great for your avid music listener, but they are a gold mine for producers, artists and aspiring artists alike! Trust me when I tell you this, when compared to other studio headphones these blow the competition away!

By the way did I mention the the Master Tracks XC are virtually indestructible! Bend them as far as you want and they will go back to their original form. Not only that but they are also tuned by Calvin Harris, and for those of you who don’t know- Calvin Harris is a multi-platinum producer, recording engineer, singer, songwriter and collaborator.

“These headphones were created to have professional sound quality so you can make music anywhere and it will sound just like it was made in the studio. And if it sounds good on the headphones, you know it’s going to sound good at the club.” — Calvin Harris

  • Sonically accurate for music creation yet powerful enough for the most passionate music fan
  • XC sound engines deliver turn and powerful sound you can feel
  • Unique and elegant design includes sophisticated “singularity red” finish and micro-suede accents
  • Supple, noise-isolating ear cushions let you enjoy your music in comfort for hours
  • Virtually indestructible FlexTech™ Sound Track headband is built to withstand heavy abuse
  • FlexTech Sound Track headbands can be switched out out to remix your style
  • 6 foot coiled SOL REPUBLIC Pro-Cable includes 1/4″ adapter for studio use
  • Red ClearTalk cable with 3-button mic and music control is included for use when you are on the move


In order to enter this giveaway just go to the comment section below and tell us what your favorite all-time Summer song is. And I promise that the song will sound 100 times better if you listen to it with a pair of Master Tracks XC!


• Giveaway will end on September 12, 2014 at 9 PM CST.

•Winner must not have won a SOL REPUBLIC giveaway in the past 6 months (we want it to be fair for everyone to win).

•Winner will be selected using a random number generator. You’ll be contacted by email.

•All entrants must be U.S. residents, ages 18 years or older, and must provide a valid email address.

•Winners will receive 1 prize (Master Tracks XC).

•The winner has 24 hours to claim their prize. If a potential prize winner does not claim a prize, the prize will be re-awarded.


109 Responses to SOL REPUBLIC Master Tracks XC Final Day of Summer Giveaway

  1. Joe Bones265 says:

    Summer in the city by The Loving Spoonful

  2. Katy says:

    Ariana Grande’s PROBLEM its like every womans anthem! 🙂

  3. Mgreenblatt says:

    Ariana Grande’s PROBLEM

  4. Arena Thompson says:

    Calvin Harris – Summer 🙂

  5. Arena Thompson says:

    Have to go with Calvin Harris – summer 🙂

  6. Shauntea Crutcher says:

    “Am I Wrong” by Nico and Vinz.

  7. David Fredrickson says:

    sublime-summer time

  8. KYRA GORSKI says:

    Type O Negative’s cover of Summer Breeze

  9. Crystal Sell says:

    So far I have been loving Tongues by Joywave this summer!

  10. Ashley Busse says:

    My all-time favorite summer song is “Boys of Summer” 🙂

  11. lori l says:

    My favorite is “Summertime” by Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff! 🙂

  12. Douglas Houston says:

    Hot Summer Nights by Night

  13. Valencia says:

    Summertime by DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince

  14. Julie Tardi says:

    Danny Darko – A Fallen Angel

  15. Eric Sanders says:

    Mr. Jones

  16. Carolyn Gates says:

    Boys round here by Blake Shelton

  17. Mark Heinlein says:

    Leonard Cohen/ Hallelujah

  18. Brian Kautz says:


  19. heather burke says:

    boys of summer by the eagles

  20. Allyson says:

    Summer Rain, Karl Thomas – old school lol

  21. Bradford Martin says:

    Boston’s “Don’t Look Back”

  22. Beverly Payton says:

    That Summer Feeling
    Jonathan Richman

  23. Nora T says:

    Hot Fun in the Summertime by Sly and the Family Stone

  24. Natalie says:

    I love “Home” by Micheal Buble.

  25. RICHARD SKUSE says:


  26. Valerie G says:

    Barefoot Blue Jean Night by Jake Owen! it is the perfect summer tune!

  27. Judith Smith says:

    Summer in the City Lovin Spoonful

  28. Daniel G. says:


  29. Beth M. says:

    Summertime by DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince

  30. Debbie Stewart says:

    Summer Time Summer Time

  31. Susan Reedy says:

    My all time favorite summer song is Margaritaville by Jimmy Buffett

  32. Betsy says:


  33. Brad Murphy says:

    Cash in my Pocket by Wiley

  34. Lenore Koval says:

    Iggy & Rita Ora Black Widow

  35. Michele Mazzarella says:

    Far Alone by G-Eazy! My jam.

  36. John Concepcion says:

    “Summertime” by Lonnie Johnson, classic.

  37. Laura H says:

    Best summer song would be, Colbie Caillat’s Coco album, all songs.

  38. Holly B says:

    It’s sort of cheesy, but “School’s Out” by Alice Cooper 🙂

  39. Sara B. says:

    All time favorite is California Girls by Katy Perry.

  40. Nanasap says:

    All Summer Long– Kid Rock

  41. Hollie Zellmer says:

    Summertime by the Fresh Prince 🙂

  42. Alexander Saas says:

    Summertime 🙂

  43. Steve Gillette says:

    Boys of Summer, Don Henley

  44. Judy Hyde says:

    “SEALED WITH A KISS” by Bobby Vinton in 1962

  45. Ivette Chiong says:

    “Starry Eyed Surprise” by Paul Oakenfold

  46. jen says:

    Icona Pop’s ‘I don’t care’

  47. Michelle S says:

    “Wiggle” by Jason Derulo.

  48. Wendi W says:

    my favorite summertime song is Kenny Chesney Summertime! nothing better

  49. Ray says:

    Summer by WAR

  50. G BERN says:

    boys around here by b shelton

  51. Christian Walters says:

    Love summer time by shaggy . would love to try these

  52. Elisa Lowe says:

    “Let’s Groove” by Earth, Wind & Fire

  53. Ben says:

    My favorite summer song is Another Year by Animals as Leaders.

  54. mike w says:

    schools out for summer

  55. wildsided says:

    Sunshine by Jonathan Edwards.

  56. Robert Olinger says:

    Under the Boardwalk

  57. Julie says:

    Mine would be Family Reunion by Jill Scott

  58. Ash Jester says:

    Psycho Killer- Talking Heads

  59. stacy potter says:

    Brown Eyed Girl

  60. Terry Young says:

    Hot Fun in the Summertime by Sly and the Family Stone.

  61. Jennifer Heintz says:

    Boys of Summer (Don Henley)

  62. David F says:

    Boys of Summer

  63. Sophia Meehan says:

    Hot Time Summer in the City

  64. Jayne Lyall says:

    Awesome God

  65. Wendi W says:


  66. Phil Randall says:

    summertime sadness

  67. Joe Os says:

    Artist: Alice Cooper Album: School’s Out It does not get any better than that!!!

  68. Evelyn Goettner says:

    Surfin USA by the beach boys

  69. Patrycja Chudziak says:

    Rude by Magic

  70. marlo hartman says:

    my favorite is in the summertime by mungo jerry

  71. cjjmesser says:

    In the Summertime

  72. Autumn says:

    EchoSmith – CoolKids 🙂

  73. Travis P. says:

    Raspberry Beret sung by Warren Zevon.

  74. allyson becker says:

    An oldie, but goodie. Surfer Girl by the Beach Boys

  75. Ethan J says:

    Favorite summer song has been Reverse by Somekindawonderful

  76. Lila A says:

    “Saturday In The Park,” Chicago

  77. Dayna P says:

    Bang Bang by Jessie J, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj

  78. Christine says:

    Last night a DJ saved my life. Artist- InDeep

  79. Megan M says:

    “Put On” – young Jeezy

  80. Kirsten M says:

    “Tripping Billies” by Dave Matthews Band

  81. Robby Rob says:

    You Could Be Mine by Guns n Roses. I remember the summer it came out when T2 was in theaters! Awesome!

  82. Kris Allen says:

    The Velvet Underground’s ‘White Light/White Heat’

  83. Matthew W says:

    Summertime-Will Smith

  84. Jade says:

    My all time favorite summer song is Tuesday by ILoveMakonnen, featuring Drake.

  85. Amanda says:

    Break free by Ariana Grande

  86. Christina Smith says:

    Calvin Harris – Summer 🙂

  87. Tracy Morrissey says:

    Bodhisattva – Steely Dan.

  88. Anthony Risi says:

    MAGIC! – Rude

    By far the BEST!

  89. Annmarie W. says:

    When I think of summer songs, I immediately think of Sheryl Crow’s “All I Wanna Do Is Have Some Fun”!

  90. Debbie Bowen says:

    Journey-Don’t stop believing.

  91. Jason Greathouse says:

    Nuthin’ by Lecrae

  92. cassandra says:

    ‘Doin’ Time’ by Sublime

  93. Jodi Boulier says:

    I’d love to hear my favorite 100x’s better! My ultimate favorite summer song is: MARGARITAVILLE BY JIMMY BUFFETT
    It’s 5 O’clock somewhere!

  94. Curtis Silver says:

    under the boardwalk

  95. Brittany Mcintosh says:

    This year it has been Katy Perry- Dark Horse

  96. Janice Reilly says:

    Summer in the City

  97. Karrie Millheim says:

    Falling Away from Me by Korn

  98. Stephen D says:

    Saturday in the Park by Chicago

  99. Cynthia Richardson says:

    My favorite all-time Summer song is “All Summer Long” by the Beach Boys

  100. H.E. DeLuna says:

    My favorite summer song is “Schools out for Summer”.

  101. Sandra Boen says:

    Satisfaction by the Rolling Stones

  102. Danielle F says:

    One Love- Bob Marley

  103. Maria Iemma says:

    My favorite Summer song is Under the Boardwalk

  104. Joe K says:

    sublime-summer time

  105. JENNIFER WALKER says:

    Summertime Sadness by Lana Del Rey

  106. heather miller says:

    Kenny Chesney – Summertime

  107. Cheryll Shubert says:

    I love “Summertime” by Will Smith

  108. ria says:

    Fancy by Iggy Azalea

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