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Music Made Me Do It – the perfect phrase that gives reasoning behind the actions that we would normally never accomplish without that extra push from that one special melody or those inspiring lyrics!

2014 has been a year of leaps and bounds, we’ve grown substantially, helped artist get their music heard and have brought you the latest headphones and electronics that are relevant in the music scene. SOL REPUBLIC has been on the front lines providing our readers with new products time and time again. To this day they have never ceased to amaze us with the next big thing that they release; from their TRACKS AIR wireless headphones to their DECK wireless speaker that provide hours of music and fun!

SOL REPUBLIC has always been about making an impact with the fans by bringing music into the equation, which is why they have always given away a pair of headphones or Bluetooth speakers in conjunction with our hands-on review. This time around they have raised the bar as they bring their #MMMDI movement!

SOL REPUBLIC wants to be a part of their fans everyday life which is why they launched a new campaign, Music Made Me Do It, which is their first global promotion about all the crazy fun stuff that music makes us all do.

Music is more than tied up to a beat; its a vessel that can stir waves of emotions, give us that needed edge for competition, or provide that perfect lyric that gives us inspiration. The song can make you happy, make you sad, give you the extra push to finish your rep, or simply clear your mind.

From the outrageous and irreverent to sexy and courageous, Music Made Me Do It (#MMMDI) showcases and celebrates the stories we all have of music inspiring us to do anything and everything.

Over the next month, SOL REPUBLIC’s Saviors of Sound (SOS) will be sharing their stories about how music has enabled them to do amazing things, from the incredible to the cringe worthy.

MY #MMMDI Moment!

My story begins from the first moment when I realized that music can bring forth emotions and reactions from not only the creators but rather the listener as well.

December 2009, I come across a producer who invites me to partake in a recording session, just for fun (I had never professionally recorded a lyric previous to this day). I heard the beat and it just stirred an emotion within me, adrenaline with  a bit of nervousness ensued, before I knew it we were already recording the bridge to chorus of the song.

A couple of days later we had a few tracks that were actually made from moments of honesty that brought about a spark of music in its purist form. Music that is made while you are living in that moment without any expectations from it other than  you channeling your message through lyrics which are then married to the beat and finally enjoyed by those who can relate to the art that we call a song.

My intention was never to make any money from these recording sessions, they were just for the satisfaction of having your words paint a picture which other people could enjoy, and of course it gave me an avenue for self expression.

I studied the history of music, sound engineering, song structure, expanded my vocabulary and I learned the business aspect of the music industry.  I was lucky enough to come across more collaborations with different producers from around the world. I’ve been able to perform in front crowds of thousands of people, even once in my own hometown. 🙂

We’ve had our music play on the radio in Romania, clubs in France and my all time favorite ESPN2, during March Madness. It was then that idea of HipHopFirstClass came to be, and then became a reality. And it was all because the Music Made Me Do It #MMMDI


SOL REPUBLIC wants to hear about your #MMMDI moment or story and they will reward two HIPHOPFIRSTCLASS readers with a one of a kind prize package.

You wont just get a set of headphones or a speaker system this time around, instead you will be getting one item of almost all their product line. A total retail value of over $700! 🙂


• 1 SOL REPUBLIC Deck speaker

• 1 SOL REPUBLIC Punk speaker

• 1 SOL REPUBLIC Tracks on-ear headphone

• 1 SOL REPUBLIC Relays in- ear headphone

• 1 SOL REPUBLIC Master Tracks over-ear headphone

• 1 Tracks HD on-ear headphone

• 1 Jax in-ear headphone


Rules to Enter Giveaway

To enter the #MMMDI Giveaway you MUST share a story in the form of a comment or photo (Comment section, Twitter, Facebook) AND you MUST tag it #MMMDI.

Post your picture or share your story of your Music Made ME Do It moment in the bottom of the comment section on this post (Don’t forget to include the hashtag  #MMMDI)


You MUST share a story to enter to win. Submissions can be anything you choose that has been motivated by music.

A) share a story (you can choose to Include a Picture)

B) tag #MMMDI


Extra Entry’s

Want to have better odds at winning?!  Who doesn’t, after all this is a prize pack that is valued at over $700!!Well we got you covered!

Here are a few extra ways for you to gain some extra entries into the giveaway!

♦ Post a picture of your Music Made Me Do It moment on our HHFC Facebook page to gain an extra entry! (Don’t forget to include the hashtag #MMMDI) Make sure you like the page as well. 😉

♦ Tag us and follow us on Twitter HipHopFirstClass Twitter once you tweet about your Music Made Me Do It Moment!

Each one of these will give you an extra entry in the #MMMDI giveaway! 🙂



• Giveaway will end on November 28th, 2014 at 9 AM CST.

• Winner will be selected using a random number generator. You’ll be contacted by email.

•All entrants must be U.S. residents, ages 18 years or older, and must provide a valid email address.

• 2 Winners will be picked at random and receive the SOL REPUBLIC #MMMDI Giveaway.

• Winners have 24 hours to claim their prize. If a potential prize winner does not claim a prize, the prize will be re-awarded.

• Full product details are: SOL REPUBLIC



Each household is only eligible to win One (1) Sol Republic “Ultimate” Giveaway via blog reviews and giveaways. Only one entrant per mailing address per giveaway. If you have won the same or similar prize on another blog or website with the last 6 months you will not be eligible to win again. Winner is subject to eligibility verification.

I was not compensated for this post. I am simply sharing a promotion offered by SOL REPUBLIC because I think it would interest my readers. Prize is provided by SOL REPUBLIC. 

48 Responses to SOL REPUBLIC Music Made Me Do It Giveaway

  1. joe bond says:

    Music made me do it!I Playing Hookie and going for a ride listing to my tunes #HipHopFirstClass #MMMDI

  2. Not nearly exciting as yours, but Spilt Needles by the Shins inspired me to seek help for my depression. 🙂

  3. Raul mendez says:

    I got down and dirty at work #workmode #MMDI #HipHopFirstClass

  4. Wendy Wallach says:

    #mmmdi This is a photo of a recent Stevie Wonder concert I had the pleasure of attending with my daughter on my birthday. Sarah, who is 20, is really not into the kind of music that I like, but I thought that the wonder that is Stevie would be powerful enough to reach her heart and soul and in doing so, we could both be together as well as together within the music.

    And that is exactly what happened! The music made me do it and I was so glad I did! What a ” wonder” to see us both, two very different generations, grooving to the same tune, the same words, the same music. She yelled and clapped and hollered just as loud, if not louder, then I did!

    #mmmdi indeed! And I hope that the #mmmdi confines over and over again and brings me closer and closer in such a special way with such a special daughter!


    • Jorge says:

      Great Story and #MMMDI moment! It’s amazing that Stevie Wonder still has not lost his touch. Glad to see that music still brings family together 🙂

  5. Steve Z says:

    You ever get that feeling where you just gotta dance? In the shower and the urge just comes over you so you bust a move? Then you realize you are in the shower and slip and fall on your butt, hit your head on the wall? Yep, #MMMDI

  6. Tiffany Banks says:

    I have been in love with the Backstreet Boys & their music since 1997. I recently met them on August 4th, 2013. That was my first time ever meeting them! I entered a contest & won VIP passes to their concert. I was so excited! Their music has been since an inspiration to me 🙂 #MMMDI

  7. Stephen D says:

    When I was twenty, I decided I wanted to take my love of dancing to the next level. I found an opportunity to take an intensive ballroom dancing training program to become a ballroom dance instructor. To me, dance is the perfect visual expression of music. I don’t teach anymore, but if a good dance song comes on, I can’t help but move to the beat. #MMMDI

  8. KYRA GORSKI says:

    #MMMDI Music made me give myself whiplash at a Pantera concert!

    • Jorge says:

      LOL! 😆 Wow first time I hear of that happening, but there is always a first time for everything! Awesome #MMMDI moment!

  9. Megan M says:

    #MMMDI Made out with my brother’s best friend to “Slow Motion” by Juvenile. #Embarrassing

  10. Bethanny Ramsey says:

    My jam came on at a wedding reception, and well I had to kick my shoes off and dance like no one was watching- to bad someone was and caught it on video :/ #MMMDI

  11. Michelle Kelly says:

    Music has changed our family’s life for the better! My oldest son was diagnosed with a variety of academic learning disabilities. For years, he hated going to school and felt badly about himself. Then, he started playing trumpet in band. His whole world changed as did our families. He was a natural musician. As he got older, he picked up more and more instruments. Currently, he plays 7. Not only did music build his self confidence but it gave him a reason to go to school. Now, as a High School junior, he plays in multiple bands, has fantastic friends, and plans on going to college! Last week, he was inducted into the Tri M Music Honor Society. He even gives back to the community by using his talent to play TAPS for Veteran’s services throughout the year.

    Without music, I suspect my son would not be the person he is today. Music has given him the chance to be successful in life!


  12. Nicole Dz says:

    I followed you on twitter and tagged you here:

  13. Michelle Kelly says:

    Posted a picture on your facebook page! #MMMDI

  14. ginette4 says:

    No thank you for the running the great giveaway! everything that I can cross is crossed, would love to give this to my daughter for Christmas 🙂

  15. Bethanny says:

    I was so excited at my college graduation. At an after party, when they played a fun song, a bunch of us took our robes off and did the robot and acted silly. #MMMDI

  16. Bethanny says:

    My favorite song came on at the skating rink. I started dance skating and ended up on the floor- HARD. #MMMDI

  17. Valerie says:

    The music made me want to go backstage! #MMMDI

  18. Bethanny says:

    I saw a cofounder of a huge record label from the 80s in Detroit (hint, his brother was in a huge group that wore striped sneakers and Really Dope Men Could dress like them) well I had to rap a few lines to him to express my love of his label and music! He laughed and was so nice. #MMMDI

  19. Danielle says:

    One of my tattoos is song lyrics. #MMMDI

  20. jenn giannetto says:

    my love of music inspired me to get this tattoo. #MMMDI

  21. Lauren E. says:

    After I was feeling bad, my sister decided that music was the best medicine. She played me several songs on her ukulele, including a few rap songs.

  22. Dee says:

    Music inspires me at any given time, whether Im at home or at work it simply makes me smile when I listen to an up tempo song! #MMMDI

  23. Jerry says:

    Music gets me to and from work on a daily basis! I travel alone so music is my companion and it keeps me alert! #MMMDI

  24. Emmy says:

    Hello:) :D!!!!! during the winter I love all holiday traditions from listening to Christmas music and watching festive movies to baking cookies with my mommy but my favorite holiday tradition is going to Toys R Us with my family every year and buying a bunch of awesome and brand new toys and donating them all to toys for tots<3!!! i am so blessed and thankful that my parents started doing this with us at a young age and taught us that the holidays are about giving gifts and not just receiving them<3!!! THANK YOU SO SO SOOOOOO very much for this amazing, kind, generous, and awesome giveaway! You really know the spirit of giving too:) THANK YOU!!!! :)

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