OswinBmusic “Major Stage freestyle” on #StreetLines


It’s very rare to come across an artist that actually pays tribute to the art of music by painting a poetic picture for the audience. Many main stream artists lack real content in their writing and always seem to go back to the same old “money, women,cars” theme with their music.

In my opinion completely overrated and an extremely dumbed down version of what music should be. So when we come across an artist like Oswin Benjamin, we cant help but show him a bit of love, post his material up and give him the recognition he deserves for actually putting forth the effort in the art of music!

Check out a few of his bars, but overall make sure to pay attention to the content of his lines.

We strongly encourage music that has some substantial effort in its content other than poor “ABC” rhyming, so if you are an artist looking to get your music heard than make sure you submit it to us!



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