Vita Chambers Rides Airwaves and Beach-Waves with the New Song, ‘Ferrous’

What a better way to welcome summer than with the beautiful voice of Vita Chambers.This  Barbadian-Canadian singer and songwriter has been making strides in the industry and capturing my attention for quite some time now. Her new release ‘Ferrous’ is one of my favorites. This single soothes, relaxes and yet, injects a rejuvenating dose of energy perfect for any exciting summer night.

The music video flawlessly combines her exotic beauty, grace and vigour, with her equally alluring, exquisite and powerful voice. While at first, the video seems to be packed with simply beautiful images, I notices a deeper meaning. The combination of tranquility, grace and power seems to hold true throughout the entire video; it is in the combination of color, in the progression of the pace of the music, in the imagery and in her dance. The imagery itself continuously makes parallels between nature, Vita herself and her music.

This is definitely not just another beach video. Once you can move away from focusing on the visuals, a very difficult task for sure, the lyrics present another layer, that for me, absolutely completed the journey. The single is about “loving something so much that it becomes a part of you,” which in itself requires, beauty, grace and power. In short, this video has increased by expectations for this artist to a completely new level. Check it out and be mesmerized!

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