A “Fresh” Thursday to You from Terry Lane

Terry Lane #ThirstyThursdays

In the century of 2 Chainz rapping about what he sees (literally) and Taylor Swift getting a billion views on every song it’s actually good to see something different. Terry Lane’s “Fresh” is actually fresh! It’s been a long time since I last heard a really pleasant song that u can’t get out of your head. In this context, Terry delivers the best for the super-saturated market of R&B-music where it’s really hard to do something new. I’m feeling thirsty for next Thursday to see another music video of him.

Terry Lane is a rising R&B star hailing from Atlanta. He discovered his love of music at an early age and recently released his debut album, “Addiction”. His new hit “Let Me Get It”, in particular, was a sensation, gathering over a million views on YouTube. Now he is releasing #ThirstyThursday videos every week and on August 20th he released his most recent music video, “Fresh”.

Follow Terry’s music and get updates about #ThirstyThursdays on:

Facebook – facebook.com/TerryLaneCazual

Twitter – @TerryLaneMusic

Instagram – @TerryLaneMusic

Buy his new “Addiction” album on iTunes – https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/addiction/id970594456

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