A New Hit on Fire: Pack Flip from A-Slim

A-Slim Pack FlipI’ve got a new beat you’ll want to hear. In fact, you’ll want to download it, put it on repeat, add it to your party playlist. Trust me, it’s THAT addictive.

The new “Pack Flip” release is from A-Slim, a young up and coming artist hoping to get the entire hip hop industry on a plate. I hope you’re not hungry anymore, cause this guy will get it all soon.

It’s actually a very new release, hitting the video engine last week. We’re one of the first to get this new trend out, so hopefully you’ll catch on and spread it around. I’ve heard a few people here say it’s not a party song, but I’d argue with that majorly. This IS the party song that comes up a little late, when the crowd is all relaxed and chilled, they just need the right beat, and you … you SERVE it to them. And they … they’re gonna LOVE it!

The quality is pretty good, the guy is serious about his art, and the style is not one of those cliched rap clips you see on YouTube every week. With the right spark, A-Slim can go all on fire!

I’m gonna leave the rest up to your fair judgement. Watch the video, share the artwork, and let us know what you think!



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