Live and Love Life with Shae Brock’s Music Video “If I Ever”

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Girls will always be girls, right? Every time I watch Shae Brock’s music video “If I Ever,” that’s all I can think about: my girls, my youth, my summer parties, fun, carelessness, and loving life. That is the secret to the success of this track and music video; nostalgia, well, for those that have more or less left those days of innocent fun behind. For those of you that are still enjoying these pleasures, this is the perfect song to bask in. Oh and let’s not forget those that wish they were there with Shae, dancing around with balloons, enjoying their freedom; I am speaking about the younger generation, of course. To put everything in a simpler term, Shae caters to an audience of a large age range. Yes, that’s how you pull in success. Live and love life with Shae Brock’s “If I Ever” music video. I know this is not Hiphop but this is FIRST CLASS. 


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