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Hi everyone! New update I have lost 5 more lbs!!!! It feels like the pounds are literally melting off. I kept up with Atkins Lifestyle and I’m loving how much more confident and stronger I feel. Atkins gave me all the tools I need to succeed and I feel like this was exactly what I had been looking for, for years. It’s so easy not to stray.

Some days can be busier than others so when it’s one of those busy days instead of grabbing fries and a greasy burger I just pop in one of Atkins delicious meals into the microwave and WAAA LAAA I have a healthy meal in no time. On those days when I’m not pulling my hair out and running around like a chicken with her head cut off I get down in my kitchen and make one of many delicious easy recipes Atkins provides you with. My favorite recipe right at this moment is Apricot Glazed Brisket, must try! Oh and who can forget about dessert, I made Atkins Coconut Layer Cake and it was attacked in a matter of minutes, delish. Food for thought, I found it was better to sit and plan what I would eat for the week instead of playing it by ear, this helped me stay on track.

I love that Atkins taught me how to count net carbs and to be aware of hidden carbs. At first I was thinking how hard it was going to be but it’s really not, easy as pie give it a try. Now I’m one of those label checkers you see at the grocery store, when I would spot one of those people I used to think who cares throw it in the cart. But that who cares throw it in the cart attitude is what got me in the predicament of having to buy all new jeans a size or two up, not bueno.

I might not be the one who lost 160lbs, but I was the one who literally tried every diet out their including starvation to lose those last stubborn pounds. Either it wouldn’t work at all or I would lose and on my first regular week of eating I’d gain back all my pounds and more.

This Atkins lifestyle, I say lifestyle because diet this is not, just feels so normal like a regular day, not an OMG how many more days till this diet is over so I can eat real food day. I share my goal achievement because I succeeded without it feeling like torture and in hopes of inspiring others to start this lifestyle as well. Good luck!


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Consumers may order Atkins Meal Kits at, where they can receive free support from nutritionists, access educational materials and share insights from their personal weight-loss journey with members of the Atkins community. In addition, all plans come with the Atkins Meal Kit Guide, The New Atkins Made Easy book, the Atkins Carb Counter and the Recipe Booklet.


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