Mike Tyson Drops Video For Soulja Boy Diss Track ‘If You Show Up’


Well, things are ficially weird in regards to Soulja Boy and Chris Brown.

What started f as no more than a social media back-and-forth has now turned into a celebrity boxing match where Floyd Mayweather will be training Soulja, while “Iron” Mike Tyson is backing Breezy.

Before the fight, however, Mike Tyson has some things to get f his chest and he’s doing so in the form a diss track to Soulja Boy titled “If You Show Up.”

We heard the audio last week, but today, the legendary boxer has put together an ficial video for his diss track and it’s hilarious to say the least.

Until we get more information on the actual fight (or an announcement about it being a publicity stunt), enjoy Mike Tyson’s “If You Show Up” video below.


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