Nick Cannon Lands Big Deal With YouTube For Movie Starring Busta Rhymes, Whoopi and More

Nick Cannon and Busta Rhymes will star alongside Whoopi Goldberg and Louis Gossett Jr., in the upcoming movie “King the Dancehall.”

Nick’s company, Ncredible Productions, has partnered with YouTube Red to debut the film.

Nick Cannon directed the movie, which premiered earlier this year at the Toronto Film Festival.

“King the Dancehall” is about a Brooklyn-born guy who is forced to leave his neighborhood and reset his life in Jamaica.

Once on the island, he discovers his passion for dancing while rebuilding his life – with some drama.

“Music and dance are universal themes, and I’m excited to partner with YouTube to bring a story about the world’s sexiest dance tradition to its massive audience,” Nick Cannon, CEO Ncredible Productions told “This film invites viewers into a vibrant, yet little known world outside the Caribbean – the dancehall – the Jamaican dancehall.

According to Nick, the movie mixes documentary footage from real life dancehall scenes, and features a number music legends to “bring ‘King Dancehall’ to life.”

“The King the Dancehall” will debut on YouTube Red later this year.

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