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Chris Brown Fight’s With Meek Mill and Drake’s Camp

Chris Brown, Meek Mill and Drake were all at a club recently having a good time when all of a sudden tempers began to flare and it turned into an all out bedlam.

Kanye West Stops Concert To Tell Off A Fan

Kanye West has got to be one of the most controversial hip hop artists there is in the game right now. With the most recent incident being that in which he stopped a concert to tell of a fan who was wieding a small laser light.

Police Want Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez For Questioning

Justin Bieber is wanted for questioning for a recent scuffle that ensued between the hip hop star and a paparazzo.

Justin Bieber has been on America’s headlines in the last few days, but the singer is not all smiles as he stands accused of assaulting a photographer.

Lil Wayne Swings Back At Pusha T

Lil Wayne responds via Twitter to Pusha T’s disses

Lil Wayne and Pusha T have long had a bitter rivalry and things have just taken a turn for the worst early Thursday morning (May 24) as Lil Weezy took aim at Pusha T through his Twitter account. “F— pusha t and anybody that love em,” are the exact words that Lil Weezy dropped on his Twitter account.

Lil Kim Says Nicki Minaj Is Obnoxious

Lil Kim recently gave light to the origin of her beef with Nicki Minaj.

Lil’ Kim recently came forward with the truth about her beef with Nicki Minaj in an interview with New York Power 105’s Breakfast Club.

Waka Flocka Flame gives a somewhat conflicted explanation of his beef with Wiz Khalifa

In December 2011, Waka Flocka Flame called out Wiz Khalifa for having “no swag” and “hyping his way to the top.” Snoop Dogg briefly spoke on the matter, but Wiz Khalifa did not address the matter.

Wiz Khalifa says he was surprised to hear his name on Kanye West’s single “Way Too Cold” but adds that it was “positive”

Wiz Khalifa also shares his thoughts on the Tupac hologram, saying it was “dope.”

Nicki Minaj decides to delete her Twitter

Nicki Minaj decides to delete her Twitter account, leaving her 11 million followers behind.