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Kay Kumar’s SVDS Video Set to Premiere On December 3




When Kay Kumar told us to ‘get excited’ for his video launch for his single ‘SVDS’ on December 3rd, we did not know what to expect.


Behind-the-scenes sneak peaks have enabled us to see that this is no ordinary video shot in his hometown of Birmingham, UK. After the release of his single ‘Suicidal Thoughts’, we knew this young rapper had a way with words, and could use his music to spread the word and raise awareness about important and difficult topics, while still having a hopeful message. When the official launch date for his premiere video was announced, the anticipation began.


Infused with incredibly breath-taking scenes, you would think Kumar traveled to paradise just for this music video. Well, close enough. Kumar, Zak Le Ninja and the SVDS production gang set up base all over Morocco–including Rabat, Kenitra, and the Sahara Desert.

The result will be revealed to us in its entirety on December 3. It promises to captivate viewers with the incredible scenery and beauty of the Moroccan landscape, coupled with Kumar’s poetic lyrics and unforgettable melodies.

With the impressive work of Kay Kumar in the past, we are looking forward to all that comes from this talented rapper!


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Solar: A New Level Of Music And Music Video Production


Solar, a music producer and the CEO of 7 Grand Records is proceeding on his great path towards what he has been left to do, and onto producing more great hits.

“LIVEST” By Solar was an intense and groundbreaking video, which placed in Top 20 Urban Digital Single Charts. The music video is getting stronger every week, with his fans still buzzing around the video. The video and the track present mixture of new sounds and beats, which Solar himself excels in, and which depicts what Guru must have seen in this super producer. The bar is taking to another level entirely with this new song. Solar gets you feeling in another dimension, taking music production to new heights.

Solar’s fans are also showing their support. His video drove 14 million views on Vimeo and over 350,000 views on YouTube, proving the tight support that this powerful producer has backing him up. It doesn’t stop there though, the track on SoundCloud had a whooping over 2,1500,000 plays and downloads. Solar is back and he is proving his talent and keeping it real.

His next two releases, a single and a video, feature a major, brilliant Hip-Hop artist, Vado, and new Hip-Hop stars Rackboy Cam & Remy Boyz. Remy Boyz just released a major, hot music video with Fetty Wap, giving us a view into what we can expect from him with Solar’s releases. Fetty wap “679,” got over 42 million views, and climbed the charts. Solar’s “Everything Litt” and “Do That thing I like” are anticipated to be on par with genius, showing us a new level of music and video production.

Young Trap is Turning Up The Heat


Young Trap 2

Young Trap is bringing in some heat with his new video, “Turn Up”. This track is made for the clubs, or just cruising through the town. Young Trap is bringing in all the right beats and delivers a music video that is way too hot and sexy.


This video hits hard and goes strong all the way to the end, yet, you won’t be able to get enough. Be prepared to get hooked to this music video. Spin it all night and watch how it goes viral. It’s out of control good, and no doubt will soon become the the party anthem of clubs across the country.


Young Trap is quickly showing his style and talent. I have the highest expectations for this artists, he will rise up fast if he continues to produce such a variety of hits. Check out his prior works and, I highly recommend you to follow him for what is next to come. He won’t disappoint. Check out this hot video, and stay nocturnal!






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A New Hit on Fire: Pack Flip from A-Slim

A-Slim Pack FlipI’ve got a new beat you’ll want to hear. In fact, you’ll want to download it, put it on repeat, add it to your party playlist. Trust me, it’s THAT addictive.

The new “Pack Flip” release is from A-Slim, a young up and coming artist hoping to get the entire hip hop industry on a plate. I hope you’re not hungry anymore, cause this guy will get it all soon.

It’s actually a very new release, hitting the video engine last week. We’re one of the first to get this new trend out, so hopefully you’ll catch on and spread it around. I’ve heard a few people here say it’s not a party song, but I’d argue with that majorly. This IS the party song that comes up a little late, when the crowd is all relaxed and chilled, they just need the right beat, and you … you SERVE it to them. And they … they’re gonna LOVE it!

The quality is pretty good, the guy is serious about his art, and the style is not one of those cliched rap clips you see on YouTube every week. With the right spark, A-Slim can go all on fire!

I’m gonna leave the rest up to your fair judgement. Watch the video, share the artwork, and let us know what you think!



SkyBlew – Picture That (Official Video)

SkyBlew - Picture That [ARTWORK]

HipHop may have many meanings. for some its music, for others its clothing, writing or simply a way of life. And with new music we will often see new artists!

It’s not to often that we come across young talent that shows promise and potential, but when we do we like to share their music with our audience!

SNiPER SKILLS: Fresh New Beats

A.M. Sniper - Sniper Skills

A.M. Sniper, a well known and beloved Hip Hop & Rap artist in Europe, is about to bring a fresh new sound to the American music scene. Anthony Melas aka A.M. SNiPER was born in England and grew up between his hometown of London and his exotic home of Cyprus. This dynamic artist has been leading Cyprus’ and the Mediterranean’s music scene through cultural projects, new venue openings, and summer festivals Ayia Napa.

Onward and Upward for Conscious Toney

New York hip hop artist Conscious  Toney

Young and energetic NYC artist Conscious Toney was born into the culture of rap and hip hop. The young artist’s unique music style began taking shape at a tender age, when he began writing rhymes in the fourth grade.

Get Addicted to Terry Lane’s New Album

New RnB Music Release

Terry Lane’s new album “Addiction” is just that, addictive. Infused with elements of smooth soul elevated by the classic elements of R&B, this track will soothe your worries and pulse through your body with its boisterous yet placid beats.

Currently serving in the US military, stationed at Fort Hood, Texas did not stop Terry Lane from making my weekend what it should’ve been; laid back and chill. The diversity in the album, with its hard-hitting numbers that transition to slower, smoother tracks, kept me hooked and on-repeat, addicted to the medley of tracks that are becoming harder to come by these days.

NF’s “Intro” Music Video – Raw Bars Meet Emotion


NF is hip-hop performer Nate Feuerstein. The 23-year-old Gladwin, Michigan native shares his story with lyrical vulnerability complimented with raw energy in his music.
It’s been quite a while since I have come across an artist that has brought this much raw emotion and mixed it some talent to construct a sound of his own.

OswinBmusic “Major Stage freestyle” on #StreetLines


It’s very rare to come across an artist that actually pays tribute to the art of music by painting a poetic picture for the audience. Many main stream artists lack real content in their writing and always seem to go back to the same old “money, women,cars” theme with their music.