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Top 5 Emerging Artists from LA

LA is probably the most famous hotspot for big and small talents. Young artists with big dreams keep constantly moving there in search for a producer or the “Big Guy” to discover their talent and live their Cinderella story. While it is an option for some starting artists, there are many who don’t just sit and wait for their musical prince to realize their dream.

The internet has crushed the music industry: with platforms such as Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Datpiff and many more, it has given the opportunity to the rising artists to shine and share their music without a major record company.

1. AD

The rapper from Compton known to the public as AD has been actively releasing new music and gaining audience. Playing the Compton card, AD has released songs named “Welcome to ComptonFornia” and “ComptonFornia 2”. However, that is not the only thing you should remember him for, his single “Juice” is getting a lot of press and attention.

Lil CJ: The Next Big Thing With an Authentic Sound



Ready for the next upcoming artist to hit the industry hard?


Lil CJ is only 16 years old and already has an EP called “Class In Session” out, and is working on her first album. Nothing short of phenomenal, this determined artist is bringing creativity and her big sound to audiences nationwide.


A native of the beautiful St Thomas US Virgin Islands, Lil CJ grew up with passion for music and creative arts. Her EP and tracks exemplify this to the fullest with a mix of Hip Hop and R&B. She seeks to modernize Hip Hop bringing in a brew of new sounds and styles.

Get her EP here!
Lil CJ finds inspiration in Nas, Tupac, Biggie, Cassidy and Oprah Winfrey, and believes anything is possible with determination and creative thinking. She discovered music as an outlet for her creativity when only nine years old via singing and rapping. Today she stands out with her unique persona, talent and determination. Her fans gather with high expectations awaiting the release of her next album. Check her out; you’ll dig her passion and beats!


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A New Hit on Fire: Pack Flip from A-Slim

A-Slim Pack FlipI’ve got a new beat you’ll want to hear. In fact, you’ll want to download it, put it on repeat, add it to your party playlist. Trust me, it’s THAT addictive.

The new “Pack Flip” release is from A-Slim, a young up and coming artist hoping to get the entire hip hop industry on a plate. I hope you’re not hungry anymore, cause this guy will get it all soon.

It’s actually a very new release, hitting the video engine last week. We’re one of the first to get this new trend out, so hopefully you’ll catch on and spread it around. I’ve heard a few people here say it’s not a party song, but I’d argue with that majorly. This IS the party song that comes up a little late, when the crowd is all relaxed and chilled, they just need the right beat, and you … you SERVE it to them. And they … they’re gonna LOVE it!

The quality is pretty good, the guy is serious about his art, and the style is not one of those cliched rap clips you see on YouTube every week. With the right spark, A-Slim can go all on fire!

I’m gonna leave the rest up to your fair judgement. Watch the video, share the artwork, and let us know what you think!



A “Fresh” Thursday to You from Terry Lane

Terry Lane #ThirstyThursdays

In the century of 2 Chainz rapping about what he sees (literally) and Taylor Swift getting a billion views on every song it’s actually good to see something different. Terry Lane’s “Fresh” is actually fresh! It’s been a long time since I last heard a really pleasant song that u can’t get out of your head. In this context, Terry delivers the best for the super-saturated market of R&B-music where it’s really hard to do something new. I’m feeling thirsty for next Thursday to see another music video of him.

Terry Lane is a rising R&B star hailing from Atlanta. He discovered his love of music at an early age and recently released his debut album, “Addiction”. His new hit “Let Me Get It”, in particular, was a sensation, gathering over a million views on YouTube. Now he is releasing #ThirstyThursday videos every week and on August 20th he released his most recent music video, “Fresh”.

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Instagram – @TerryLaneMusic

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Gyasi Ross “All In Your Head”

Gyasi Ross_Publicity Photo_2

Gyasi Ross’ music was recently introduced to us by a a good friend, and we must say that we sure are glad to have gotten the opportunity to listen to this new smooth track!

SkyBlew – Picture That (Official Video)

SkyBlew - Picture That [ARTWORK]

HipHop may have many meanings. for some its music, for others its clothing, writing or simply a way of life. And with new music we will often see new artists!

It’s not to often that we come across young talent that shows promise and potential, but when we do we like to share their music with our audience!

Onward and Upward for Conscious Toney

New York hip hop artist Conscious  Toney

Young and energetic NYC artist Conscious Toney was born into the culture of rap and hip hop. The young artist’s unique music style began taking shape at a tender age, when he began writing rhymes in the fourth grade.

Get Addicted to Terry Lane’s New Album

New RnB Music Release

Terry Lane’s new album “Addiction” is just that, addictive. Infused with elements of smooth soul elevated by the classic elements of R&B, this track will soothe your worries and pulse through your body with its boisterous yet placid beats.

Currently serving in the US military, stationed at Fort Hood, Texas did not stop Terry Lane from making my weekend what it should’ve been; laid back and chill. The diversity in the album, with its hard-hitting numbers that transition to slower, smoother tracks, kept me hooked and on-repeat, addicted to the medley of tracks that are becoming harder to come by these days.

OswinBmusic “Major Stage freestyle” on #StreetLines


It’s very rare to come across an artist that actually pays tribute to the art of music by painting a poetic picture for the audience. Many main stream artists lack real content in their writing and always seem to go back to the same old “money, women,cars” theme with their music.

Steve Lobel Makes Waves With“We Working” Showcase

Steve Lobel and TLK Fusion teamed up to bring fans and artists a star studded event as they hosted the first “We Working” Artist Showcase. It all went down at The Key Club in Hollywood, presented by DirtyWorks Productions. The event was such a hit that people are still talking about it at this very moment.

Sponsorship was provided by Adidas, MySpace, Vitamin Water and Monster Products.