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Premiere of David Guetta’s “Play Hard” featuring Akon & Ne-Yo

David Guetta

Today, we are excited to share the latest video premieres from David Guetta featuring Akon & Ne-Yo. You wont be able to contain yourself with the overall creativeness of the video as they turn it up a notch with some custom made boots.

Bruno Mars – When I Was Your Man (video)

Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars is far from taking a break from music and this time around he has come up with a new tune that will get the women all mushy inside. Check out his latest song and music video “If I was your Man”.

“Nicki” – new video from 5ive Star Teaser

5ive Star Nicki


With the VEVO premiere of 5ive Star’s new single “Nicki” on Tuesday, February 5th, it’s no question who 5ive is crushing on this Valentine’s Day.

Superbowl’s 49ers Offensive Line Video Prepare For Ravens Defense

San Francisco 49ers Superbowl


The 49ers are on their way to the Superbowl you know they have to be training day in and day out to prepare for the this coming Superbowl weekend!

Meital Is Making Waves That Will Stay ‘On Ya’: Exclusive Interview & Music Video

Meital has been described as “Extremely Gorgeous…” by the New York Times, however we have dubbed this blonde bombshell as the new Marilyn Monroe of hip hop.

Meital (pronounced “Mey-tål”) was born Meital Dohan in Tel Aviv and is now making her mark in the United States. Meital is a two-time Israeli Oscar nominee for her performances in God’s Sandbox and Giraffes. US audiences were first introduced to her as Yael Hoffman on Showtime’s Weeds. And with her new found success in music she is now proving to the world that she has more than looks in her arsenal as her music is captivating millions around the world.

In early 2011 the Israeli bombshell caught the attention of mega hip-hop producer Che Pope (Lauren Hill, Eminem, Dr. Dre) and they began to record her debut album “I’m In Hate With Love”. With the release of her first single,Yummy Boyz, in June, 2011, the official music video quickly went viral and reached over 1,000,000 views.

Now Meital is taking her music career one step further and showing the world that she is here to stay and make her mark inn music as she released a new single that is sure to get you talking about her and leaving you asking for more! The new track is called “On Ya” featuring Sean Kingston.

Join us as HipHopFirstClass catches up with Meital on a one on one interview. We even came across a very interesting fact about Charlie and what special place he holds in Metial’s life.

Gangnam Style Video: Boys Over Flowers

Gangnam Style is once again making headlines, this time around we are bringing you a first-hand look at the “boys over Flowers Gangnam Style video”. Provided by

Many of you may still be lost on the whole message that Psy has been trying to present with his song title Gangnam Style. Well to help clear the air we are bringing you a visual aid with this new video.

Gangnam Style: The History Of A K-pop Crossover Hit

We know all of our K-Pop fans have been frantically waiting to read the latest on what has become the “Gangnam Style” craze! What began as an exciting song coupled with an out of the ordinary dance has now grown to be the latest “in thing”. In a mission to bring you the facts on how this song has gained worldwide attention, we have teamed up with K-Pop experts and came up with the following guide and facts to help keep you up to date with “Gangnam Style”.

The Korean pop viral video “Gangnam Style” has reached over 230 million hits on YouTube in just a couple months – becoming one of the most viral videos ever made. It’s an incredible feat for anyone, much less a relatively not well-known rapper from South Korea.

These days it’s all eyes on PSY, his fun dance moves and those crazy outfits.  His new manager Scooter Braun, who discovered the Biebs, has had him on “Ellen” fulfilling Britney Spears’ tweeted wish to teach her the horse dance. Then, the morning show circuit, including the Today Show, SNL and a surprise drop-in at The Circle Nightclub, a popular Midtown NYC hotspot where companies like DramaFever have held launch parties that wrap around the block.

Speaking of DramaFever, their K-pop experts helped us put together a primer of sorts, for anyone who wants more “Gangnam Style” goodness.

Reason: A Touch Of Classiness And Ambition Make For A Very Unique Artist

Reason number one, the lyrics have a touch of attitude with an aura of confidence. Reason number two, the flow is impeccable, unique and always on point. Reason number three, the music speaks for itself!

Lady Gaga Reveals “FAME” Teaser Videos

Lady Gaga is known to go completely left field and push against the grain, and this time she did nothing different when it came to promoting her new fragrance ‘FAME’ that is set for release in the near future.

r.O.b Holds It Down For His Hometown

r.O.b. Releases new music video Hometown

There comes a time in a person’s life when he is faced with a situation that can alter his life in a very dramatic fashion. When this time comes he can ether do one of two things, he can accept the situation and give into it or he can take the situation and turn it into momentum to show people that there really is not limit to what a person can do when he really dedicates himself to persevering and succeeding in life.