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50 Cent Brings The ULYSSE NARDIN CHAIRMAN Aboard His New Music Video

50 Cent has been making moves left and right, but the man still knows how to floss the finer things in life as he was spotted featuring the The Ulysse Nardin Chairman, the world’s first and finest luxury hybrid smartphone,in his new “Double Up” Music video.

50 Cent Survives Car Wreck, Released From Hospital

50 Cent has long had his close encounters with death, but as of lately the G-Unit general has had more near death experiences than what he did when he was out on the New York streets making dough.

Young Buck Gets An 18 Month Sentence For Gun Possession

Young Buck has had his ups, but as of recently he has had nothing but down and he is headed there fast!

50 Cent Gives Back To The Community


50 Cent recently took a trip to City Harvest’s Food Rescue Facility in New York City to show his support of hunger relief with his audio company, SMS Audio.

Justin Bieber Makes Unexpected Appearance With Floyd Mayweather And 50 Cent

Justin Bieber is said to be a lover, but evidently he is also a fan of money and boxing. When you put those together you get the Team Mayweather, which Justin Bieber was more than willing to sign up for.