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Rick Ross Facing A $226K Lawsuit

Rick Ross seems to be hitting speed bumps every way he goes starting from his health issues and now extending all the way to his legal problems. The Bawse has been in the midst of controversy as he is now being served with a lawsuit, due to the fact that he cut his live show short after only 15-minutes. Now the original contract called for the Rick Ross to actually perform for an hour and believe me when I say this, he was getting very well compensated for that one hour.

Kanye West Flaunts Kim Kardashian In Music Video During Kris Humphries Diss

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian recently showed the world the reason why they are both meant for each other as Kim made an appearance in Kanye’s newest music video.

Drake Hits OVO Fest To Amaze Fans

Drake came ready to give the performance of a lifetime as he hit the OVO Fest stage in Toronto. Only thing I can say is that he brought forth one of the most significant collabs in the past years as he performed his new track with Aaliyah.

Ice-T Gives His View About Gun Control

Ice-T speaks about his stance on gun control.

Ice-T has long been a hip hop gangster veteran, yet the rapper turned actor has been able to keep a cool head and never turned a gun on innocent people, even after most of his music contained lyrics of violence and guns.

T.I., Lil Wayne and Rick Ross Run The Stage At Birthday Bash

T.I. reps hard for Atlanta and gets first class reception as the fans went crazy when he ripped the stage at the Hot 107.9’s 17th annual Birthday Bash.