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SOL REPUBLIC Master Tracks XC Final Day of Summer Giveaway

Master Tracks XC

Labor Day is upon us and that means that Summer has officially come to a close! College is back in session, and offices everywhere are back in full swing. So once again its time to get on our -A- game and get back to the daily grind! But fear not as Sol Republic is looking to make the transition a smooth one!

Drake Hits OVO Fest To Amaze Fans

Drake came ready to give the performance of a lifetime as he hit the OVO Fest stage in Toronto. Only thing I can say is that he brought forth one of the most significant collabs in the past years as he performed his new track with Aaliyah.

Snoop Dogg Goes Through Transformation Into Snoop Lion

Snoop Dogg seems to be going through a transformation of sorts, but we don’t know exactly how his fans will react to this.