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Top 5 Emerging Artists from LA

LA is probably the most famous hotspot for big and small talents. Young artists with big dreams keep constantly moving there in search for a producer or the “Big Guy” to discover their talent and live their Cinderella story. While it is an option for some starting artists, there are many who don’t just sit and wait for their musical prince to realize their dream.

The internet has crushed the music industry: with platforms such as Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Datpiff and many more, it has given the opportunity to the rising artists to shine and share their music without a major record company.

1. AD

The rapper from Compton known to the public as AD has been actively releasing new music and gaining audience. Playing the Compton card, AD has released songs named “Welcome to ComptonFornia” and “ComptonFornia 2”. However, that is not the only thing you should remember him for, his single “Juice” is getting a lot of press and attention.

Top 5 Emerging Hip-Hop Artists from New Jersey

New Jersey has always been a major force in the Hip-Hop music industry including: Fugees, Wu-Tang Clan and Queen Latifah. Nowadays there are still many NJ artists who are on their ways of growing into superstars, but these 5 artists stand out between all of them to become the representatives of New Jersey Hip-Hop in America.

1. Sule

Sule, an Englewood native is making his statement in the modern hip-hop music. Influenced by the predecessors of NJ rap this rapper is creating his own name and building a fanbase like a lightning.

2. Rackboy Cam

Starting from 2014 Rackboy Cam has released several music videos, mixtapes and performed at thousands of live concerts. His exclusive music and rapping style make him a candidate for the next top star.

Cash Lopez: From Hard Beginnings to Rising Stardom

Things for Cash Hendrik Lopez were never easy–even as a child. Growing up with bouts of homelessness and a shaky household, he was exposed to alcoholism, drug use, and abandonment, and was never certain of what his future would look like.

However, these trials and tribulations, however tough and sobering, awakened a passion in him. That passion was music. While just beginning elementary school, Lopez had already begun writing full length songs, with influences ranging from classic rock to oldies rhythm and blues. In July of 2013, his passion and dedication resulted in the release of his second mixtape, titled ‘Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll’, which received impressive distribution nationwide.

Lopez has been performing since his early 20’s, in Utah, Arizona, Idaho, California, Nevada, and more. In January of 2012, he was featured as the Artist of the Month by Salt Lake City’s No. 1 Hip Hop Station, U92. He has also opened for major label artists such as Yukmouth, Glasses Malone, Warren G, Christina Millian, and more. He has also been featured in collaborative work in all types and genres of music–including hip hop, techno, dance, and so on.

Lopez’s music has a unique and distinct sound to it, and he is able to get crowds up, energized, and moving with his contagious party vibe. Despite having to put his career as a hip hop artist on hold as a result of a now-resolved health issue in his family, Lopez has released his incredible promotional video ‘Rizin’, which has already been featured on WorldStar Hip-Hop and Vladtv! He has since released a trailer teaser for his upcoming release of ‘RFC’ to be shown in full on December 3rd, which you can check out right here.

Cash Lopez’s impressive defiance to anything trying to hold him back, coupled with his unique sound and rising popularity, go to show everything is possible when you have a calling, and we cannot wait to hear more from this versatile hip hop sensation!

Lil CJ: The Next Big Thing With an Authentic Sound



Ready for the next upcoming artist to hit the industry hard?


Lil CJ is only 16 years old and already has an EP called “Class In Session” out, and is working on her first album. Nothing short of phenomenal, this determined artist is bringing creativity and her big sound to audiences nationwide.


A native of the beautiful St Thomas US Virgin Islands, Lil CJ grew up with passion for music and creative arts. Her EP and tracks exemplify this to the fullest with a mix of Hip Hop and R&B. She seeks to modernize Hip Hop bringing in a brew of new sounds and styles.

Get her EP here!
Lil CJ finds inspiration in Nas, Tupac, Biggie, Cassidy and Oprah Winfrey, and believes anything is possible with determination and creative thinking. She discovered music as an outlet for her creativity when only nine years old via singing and rapping. Today she stands out with her unique persona, talent and determination. Her fans gather with high expectations awaiting the release of her next album. Check her out; you’ll dig her passion and beats!


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Diabolic – Grind Mode Cypher

Grind Mode Cypher [ARTWORK]

Diabolic Grind Mode Cypher hits again with a new set of emcees slaughtering the mic. And let me be the first to tell you that these is much like Christmas H.A.M!

Gyasi Ross “All In Your Head”

Gyasi Ross_Publicity Photo_2

Gyasi Ross’ music was recently introduced to us by a a good friend, and we must say that we sure are glad to have gotten the opportunity to listen to this new smooth track!

SkyBlew – Picture That (Official Video)

SkyBlew - Picture That [ARTWORK]

HipHop may have many meanings. for some its music, for others its clothing, writing or simply a way of life. And with new music we will often see new artists!

It’s not to often that we come across young talent that shows promise and potential, but when we do we like to share their music with our audience!


UK music producer A.M. SNiPER is one of the most innovative up and coming names in the club scene, and is set to host the Napa Rocks music festival alongside Chris Brown and KSI this summer.

A.M. Sniper is notorious for mixing different genres of music, which is why we simply can’t get enough of the quiet metaphor which is drawn between this epic beat-chopper and his new Kung Fu music video. The video is a powerful tribute to old school Kung Fu. The music blends EDM and hip-hop with a powerful punch. When you listen to the song, you might not know what genre it is, but staying in your seat won’t be an option for sure. A.M. Sniper along with his partner in crime producer Jaguar Skills, cut, chop and remix each section so you never quite know what’s around the corner. You will be unknowingly rehearsing the lyrics, and possibly some of the Kung Fu moves after seeing this video.

Vita Chambers Rides Airwaves and Beach-Waves with the New Song, ‘Ferrous’

What a better way to welcome summer than with the beautiful voice of Vita Chambers.This  Barbadian-Canadian singer and songwriter has been making strides in the industry and capturing my attention for quite some time now. Her new release ‘Ferrous’ is one of my favorites. This single soothes, relaxes and yet, injects a rejuvenating dose of energy perfect for any exciting summer night.

The music video flawlessly combines her exotic beauty, grace and vigour, with her equally alluring, exquisite and powerful voice. While at first, the video seems to be packed with simply beautiful images, I notices a deeper meaning. The combination of tranquility, grace and power seems to hold true throughout the entire video; it is in the combination of color, in the progression of the pace of the music, in the imagery and in her dance. The imagery itself continuously makes parallels between nature, Vita herself and her music.

Crowd Going Wild over Sniper Skills Mixtape

AM Sniper mixtape sniper skills

On Friday night in Armenia’s capital city, the crowd went wild as A.M. Sniper’s mixtape hit the hottest party-spot in the southernmost part of the Caucasus; Opium Club. After its grand opening just a few short months ago, Opium Club has become the go-to nightclub for the latest music and a few special international guest appearances and DJs, including Motiv8 from the Black Eyed Peas, and the infamous DJ Robert Babicz from Germany. A.M. Sniper’s sound and appeal is literally hitting all corners of the globe. After the mixtape premiered just a few weeks ago on countless international radio stations, DJ’s have been downloading it for free on SoundCloud, picking parts of the mix they like, and spinning A.M. Snipers music along with other weekend favorites in the club. Check out the Go-Go dancers feelin’ the mix.

Click here to listen to the full mixtape with DJ Jaguar Skills, You can connect with A.M. Sniper on his Facebook page,, and follow him on Twitter: