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Onward and Upward for Conscious Toney

New York hip hop artist Conscious  Toney

Young and energetic NYC artist Conscious Toney was born into the culture of rap and hip hop. The young artist’s unique music style began taking shape at a tender age, when he began writing rhymes in the fourth grade.

Get Addicted to Terry Lane’s New Album

New RnB Music Release

Terry Lane’s new album “Addiction” is just that, addictive. Infused with elements of smooth soul elevated by the classic elements of R&B, this track will soothe your worries and pulse through your body with its boisterous yet placid beats.

Currently serving in the US military, stationed at Fort Hood, Texas did not stop Terry Lane from making my weekend what it should’ve been; laid back and chill. The diversity in the album, with its hard-hitting numbers that transition to slower, smoother tracks, kept me hooked and on-repeat, addicted to the medley of tracks that are becoming harder to come by these days.

NF’s “Intro” Music Video – Raw Bars Meet Emotion


NF is hip-hop performer Nate Feuerstein. The 23-year-old Gladwin, Michigan native shares his story with lyrical vulnerability complimented with raw energy in his music.
It’s been quite a while since I have come across an artist that has brought this much raw emotion and mixed it some talent to construct a sound of his own.

OswinBmusic “Major Stage freestyle” on #StreetLines


It’s very rare to come across an artist that actually pays tribute to the art of music by painting a poetic picture for the audience. Many main stream artists lack real content in their writing and always seem to go back to the same old “money, women,cars” theme with their music.

Reason: A Touch Of Classiness And Ambition Make For A Very Unique Artist

Reason number one, the lyrics have a touch of attitude with an aura of confidence. Reason number two, the flow is impeccable, unique and always on point. Reason number three, the music speaks for itself!

r.O.b Holds It Down For His Hometown

r.O.b. Releases new music video Hometown

There comes a time in a person’s life when he is faced with a situation that can alter his life in a very dramatic fashion. When this time comes he can ether do one of two things, he can accept the situation and give into it or he can take the situation and turn it into momentum to show people that there really is not limit to what a person can do when he really dedicates himself to persevering and succeeding in life.

Future Boston Alliance And KarmaloopTV Give Boston Their “Glory”

Future Boston Alliance and KarmaloopTV have done what many have been waiting for, they got the hottest Boston artist’s put them all in one mixtape and came up with a mega-mix called “Glory.”

Six Reasons Releases New MIXTAPE: 80s Baby

Six Reasons is one of the most talked about upcoming artists in the industry today and with his success on the rise he has decided to give his fans and critics a gift in the form of a free mixtape. The West Coast rapper just released his new mixtape 80s Baby presented by DJ Skee.