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Holiday Gift Corner: SOL REPUBLIC PUNK Wireless Speaker Giveaway


What a year it has been thus far! As the saying goes, “Time flies when you are having fun!”!  It seems as if only yesterday, we welcomed in a new year and today Holidays are once again approaching us! We’ve come across new smart phone lineups, new headphones, new music, and new Bluetooth speakers.

SOL REPUBLIC Master Tracks XC Final Day of Summer Giveaway

Master Tracks XC

Labor Day is upon us and that means that Summer has officially come to a close! College is back in session, and offices everywhere are back in full swing. So once again its time to get on our -A- game and get back to the daily grind! But fear not as Sol Republic is looking to make the transition a smooth one!

Fall Essentials: SOL REPUBLIC Tracks Air & Deck Giveaway


College is now back in session, Fall is right around the corner and you still haven’t gotten the right set of headphones to keep you going though the long days and even longer nights of studying. Well no worries as SOL REPUBLIC has their Fall Essentials lineup ready to satisfy everyone’s needs! $50 Gift Card Giveaway!


ShopJunkBoxx has made its mark in the cell phone and the fashion industry, by developing unimaginable phone cases and accessories that are sure to get you at the top of the list as a one of a kind trend setter!  And just to make your day even better, is bringing you a First Class opportunity to win a $50 gift card to use on any of their one of a kind cell phone cases or accessories!

SOL REPUBLIC RELAYS Active Headphones Giveaway


SOL REPUBLIC has made a mark in the music industry by continuing to develop in form and fashion with their entire selection of headphones! HipHopFirstClass is proud to announce that we will be offering our readers a chance to win a brand new pair of SOL REPUBLIC RELAYS headphones!

Drink Like A Star with Sterling Vineyards, The Exclusive Wine of the Oscars


Hollywood’s biggest night is upon us! Now we may not all be able to walk the red carpet like the stars, however we can drink like them as we watch from the comfort of our couches! Sterling Vineyards is once again the Exclusive Wine of the Oscars, so why not channel your inner A-lister and uncork some Sterling at your very own viewing party? I know we will 😉

Join us as HipHopFirstClass gives you a first look at what Sterling Vineyards famous collection has to offer!

Antonio Villard Brings The Next Big Thing In E Cigars: Review & Giveaway

Anywhere, Anytime-Antonio Villard Premium Electronic Cigars-GooglePlus

Antonio Villard is quickly becoming a synonym when it comes to premium E-Cigars and if you are not familiar with E-Cigars by now, then you are missing out on what happens to be one of the fastest trends there is! 

Now, its no secret that HipHopFirstClass caters to the hip hop community and our first class fans; in more ways than one. You depend on us for news, music, celebrity gossip, current fashion, technology, and new products. But more than anything you look to us, so that we may give you the inside scoop on what’s fresh and trending in today’s market that will keep you one step ahead of the crowd. Today we are glad to introduce a new innovation in cigars as we review Antonio Villard Royale and Cubana Premium e-cigars.

HipHopBling Iced Out And Looking Fresh: Product Review



Editor’s Note: HipHopFirstClass caters to the hip hop community; in every way possible. And we feel that it is our priority to bring you the hottest music, news, technology, and new products that are out available to you. We stay informed on anything and everything, then weed out all the good from the bad so that we may give you the inside scoop on what’s fresh in today’s market that will keep you one step ahead of the crowd. Today is no exception as the call for Hip Hop Bling is answered at an affordable price. 

HipHopBling has heard the voice of the people as they have asked for top notch jewelery at an affordable price. The company has now turned into one of the elite providers for hip hop jewelery.

Now we all know how much gold and diamonds are going for in the market at today’s rate, but the good thing is that with HipHopBling you don’t have to go platinum with music in order to get your hands on some ice that will not only turn heads but also give your wardrobe the next step in fashion and accessories.

NotoriouStreetWear First Class Review

Notorious Street Wear

NotoriouStreetWear, the name really draws excitement at first glance and even more once you discover the brands intentions! As time passes brands come and go yet there are only a few that leave their mark among those who are willing to be different, unique and establish a new trend!

Kraff Culcha Brings A New Look to The Urban Scene

Kraff Culcha

Kraff Culcha has officially hit the urban scene with a statement! As a new generation of music has emerged so has a new generation of style.

Kraff Culcha takes style that defies boundaries and brings art and the streets together in harmony as they create masterpieces on fabric. As you know HipHopFirstClass is all about quality and being unique, so we were called on to review the brand and relay our findings with the hip-hop crowd.

With influences from Urban Hip Hop culture, graffiti artwork and African fabric patterns, Kraff Culcha apparel has been built from the ground up with art and free expression in mind. So it was only logical that we get a few shirts to see if they were up to par with our crew.

Now one thing I need to mention is that when we review a product we also take into consideration the fact that our fans and many of our readers give us their trust, which is why we are always very meticulous when it comes to our findings, so we took the time to check some of their tee-shirts out and hit the streets to see if they truly did signify urban style.