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Icelandic Glacial Keeping you Refreshed!


Iceland water

Icelandic Glacial, nothing sounds more refreshing than the thought of cold, crisp water  pouring from a bottle satisfying your hydration needs! We were recently introduced to Icelandic Glacial and at first, I really did not think there would be much of a difference between every other bottled water I’ve tasted and Icelandic Glacial. But the difference was very apparent!

Live and Love Life with Shae Brock’s Music Video “If I Ever”

Shae Brock Image 2


Girls will always be girls, right? Every time I watch Shae Brock’s music video “If I Ever,” that’s all I can think about: my girls, my youth, my summer parties, fun, carelessness, and loving life. That is the secret to the success of this track and music video; nostalgia, well, for those that have more or less left those days of innocent fun behind. For those of you that are still enjoying these pleasures, this is the perfect song to bask in. Oh and let’s not forget those that wish they were there with Shae, dancing around with balloons, enjoying their freedom; I am speaking about the younger generation, of course. To put everything in a simpler term, Shae caters to an audience of a large age range. Yes, that’s how you pull in success. Live and love life with Shae Brock’s “If I Ever” music video. I know this is not Hiphop but this is FIRST CLASS. 


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Lil CJ: The Next Big Thing With an Authentic Sound



Ready for the next upcoming artist to hit the industry hard?


Lil CJ is only 16 years old and already has an EP called “Class In Session” out, and is working on her first album. Nothing short of phenomenal, this determined artist is bringing creativity and her big sound to audiences nationwide.


A native of the beautiful St Thomas US Virgin Islands, Lil CJ grew up with passion for music and creative arts. Her EP and tracks exemplify this to the fullest with a mix of Hip Hop and R&B. She seeks to modernize Hip Hop bringing in a brew of new sounds and styles.

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Lil CJ finds inspiration in Nas, Tupac, Biggie, Cassidy and Oprah Winfrey, and believes anything is possible with determination and creative thinking. She discovered music as an outlet for her creativity when only nine years old via singing and rapping. Today she stands out with her unique persona, talent and determination. Her fans gather with high expectations awaiting the release of her next album. Check her out; you’ll dig her passion and beats!


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HALL and WALT Launch Weddings & Celebrations Wine Packages: Interview & Review

hall wine pic

Leading luxury brands, HALL and WALT Wines, announces a new offering to its company that includes custom winery packages for off-site weddings. The new arm helps expand HALL and WALT’s lifestyle division for the highly acclaimed wine entities, owned by entrepreneurs and vintners Craig Hall and Kathryn Walt Hall.

Diabolic – Grind Mode Cypher

Grind Mode Cypher [ARTWORK]

Diabolic Grind Mode Cypher hits again with a new set of emcees slaughtering the mic. And let me be the first to tell you that these is much like Christmas H.A.M!

Gyasi Ross “All In Your Head”

Gyasi Ross_Publicity Photo_2

Gyasi Ross’ music was recently introduced to us by a a good friend, and we must say that we sure are glad to have gotten the opportunity to listen to this new smooth track!

SkyBlew – Picture That (Official Video)

SkyBlew - Picture That [ARTWORK]

HipHop may have many meanings. for some its music, for others its clothing, writing or simply a way of life. And with new music we will often see new artists!

It’s not to often that we come across young talent that shows promise and potential, but when we do we like to share their music with our audience!


UK music producer A.M. SNiPER is one of the most innovative up and coming names in the club scene, and is set to host the Napa Rocks music festival alongside Chris Brown and KSI this summer.

A.M. Sniper is notorious for mixing different genres of music, which is why we simply can’t get enough of the quiet metaphor which is drawn between this epic beat-chopper and his new Kung Fu music video. The video is a powerful tribute to old school Kung Fu. The music blends EDM and hip-hop with a powerful punch. When you listen to the song, you might not know what genre it is, but staying in your seat won’t be an option for sure. A.M. Sniper along with his partner in crime producer Jaguar Skills, cut, chop and remix each section so you never quite know what’s around the corner. You will be unknowingly rehearsing the lyrics, and possibly some of the Kung Fu moves after seeing this video.

Vita Chambers Rides Airwaves and Beach-Waves with the New Song, ‘Ferrous’

What a better way to welcome summer than with the beautiful voice of Vita Chambers.This  Barbadian-Canadian singer and songwriter has been making strides in the industry and capturing my attention for quite some time now. Her new release ‘Ferrous’ is one of my favorites. This single soothes, relaxes and yet, injects a rejuvenating dose of energy perfect for any exciting summer night.

The music video flawlessly combines her exotic beauty, grace and vigour, with her equally alluring, exquisite and powerful voice. While at first, the video seems to be packed with simply beautiful images, I notices a deeper meaning. The combination of tranquility, grace and power seems to hold true throughout the entire video; it is in the combination of color, in the progression of the pace of the music, in the imagery and in her dance. The imagery itself continuously makes parallels between nature, Vita herself and her music.

Trendsettah Launches Extendos


Bored of the same old cigars? Want to try one that has personality of its own!? Well look no further,Trendsettah USA Inc., is blazing its trail in the tobacco industry once again with its newest product, Extendos™ by Splitarillos®.

At 8.5” long, Extendos™ are extended cigarillos – double the length of a standard 4.25” cigarillo. This latest innovation further establishes Trendsettah as an industry leader and a growing competitor in the tobacco market.