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Listen Carefully Contest – Private Concert From Aloe Blacc

Derrick Coleman

We take our hearing very lightly now-a-days, however one thing most people are not aware of is the fact that our hearing is not only very fragile but also susceptible to getting damaged after exposure to sound of 85db our higher for a given amount of time.

Today 1 in 6 American teens has permanent hearing loss due to high volume sounds. Listen Carefully, a Starkey Hearing Foundation program, has teamed up with newly Grammy Nominated Interscope Recording Artist Aloe Blacc in an effort to raise awareness toward noise-induced hearing loss in teens.

42 Movie Passes & Exclusive Gear Giveaway

42 Warner Bros

HipHopFirstClass love’s to keep their fans entertained and in the loop with all the greatest music, artists and movie’s that make for a one of a kind time. Today is no different as we have teamed up with Warner Bros 42 to give you a chance at  winning  1 of 2 prize packages which will include exclusive promotional items and movie passes.

Superbowl’s 49ers Offensive Line Video Prepare For Ravens Defense

San Francisco 49ers Superbowl


The 49ers are on their way to the Superbowl you know they have to be training day in and day out to prepare for the this coming Superbowl weekend!

Victor Ortiz Launches VO by Victor Ortiz

Victor Ortz VO
Victor Ortiz, former Welterweight Champion Boxer, unveiled to the world last night at LA hot spot The Whisper Lounge his new fragrance, the cologne aptly named, “VO by Victor Ortiz.” Celebrities filled the black carpet all night long to support Ortiz and VIP’s toasted to the success of budding mogul Victor Ortiz. With the collaboration of TLK Fusion, Impact Management and Eclectic Collections, the event exceeded even the highest expectations.

Frankie Edgar Falls Short Of The Answer On UFC 150

Frankie Edgar has been considered the top lightweight champion in UFC history. He has beaten the likes of Gray Maynard and MMA icon BJ Penn, but is the former champ playing it too safe in the ring?

Manny Pacquiao Gets Robbed By Judges As Bradly Wins By Decision


Manny Pacquiao has long been a dominant force in the boxing world and is even responsible for keeping fans attention to boxing with his athletic display time and time again, however this time the cards would flip on him as he was dealt his first upset in seven years.

San Antonio Spurs Clutch 20th Consecutive NBA Win

San Antonio Spurs outplayed the Oklahoma City Thunder 120-111 to take a 2-0 lead in the NBA Western Conference finals.

San Antonio Spurs point guard Tony Parker was the answer to the Thunder’s offense during Game 2 of the NBA Western Conference basketball finals in San Antonio, Texas, May 29, 2012.

San Antonio Spurs Get One Up On OKC Thunder

San Antonio Spurs have been the talk of the town and the talk of the NBA as of lately and just to make their 19th straight victory a bit sweeter, they were able to do it in a come from behind game against the OKC Thunder.

Justin Bieber Makes Unexpected Appearance With Floyd Mayweather And 50 Cent

Justin Bieber is said to be a lover, but evidently he is also a fan of money and boxing. When you put those together you get the Team Mayweather, which Justin Bieber was more than willing to sign up for.

Magic Johnson To Organize Rappers To Unite Against Homophobia, HIV/AIDS

NBA legend Magic Johnson is planning to tackle the issue of homophobia and HIV/AIDS within the Hip-Hop community.