Product Reviews

Product Reviews

At HipHopFirstClass we love giving our audience the 411 on all new headphones, hip hop wear, k-pop wear, gadgets, and everything else that gets our music community in the groove. If you have a genuine product and you would like to submit to our editors for an in depth product review then feel free to contact us and we’ll get back to you that same day.

Contact us here and we’ll make sure your product gets the First Class Treatment!

Please keep in mind that we conduct in depth product reviews as we like to test out the product in real time environments, so our review will usually take five to ten days to be completed.

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    I’d like to send you a Gentle Jewelry Case(s) for review. Please visit our website. Also, I posted a crude video today on our Facebook page today demonstrating how many pieces of fine gold and diamond jewelry I normally pack in one of my cases.

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