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A-Audio LUX Line Lyric Headphones- Rose Gold Anyone?


A-Audio is certainly making an impact at CES and they are really taking it to the competition as they released yet another jaw-dropping product! It was not enough that they stunned fans with their release of the Prodigy Bluetooth Speaker , they took it a step further by taking a proven product; A-Audio Legacy Headphones and giving them a makeover and covering them with a hue of Rose Gold! 😀

A-Audio Prodigy Bluetooth Speaker-Two Speakers One Sound


A-Audio pulled a wild card today at CES as they unveiled their Prodigy Bluetooth Speaker, and we have to admit this is Innovation at it’s absolute best!

A-Audio Legacy Review – High End Sound First Class Design!



A-Audio, if you have not heard of them I would not be surprised as the company is fairly new to the market. But they have held true to the old saying ” First impressions are the best ones” as they put their best foot forward with their headphone lineup.  A-Audio Legacy headphones not only made waves but completely stole the show as they won a “Best in Show” Award at CE Week.

Their goal is simple -Perfection in sound- Their ideals are exemplary as A-Audio was founded on the premise of innovation, quality, precision, and craftsmanship. And today we bring you a First Class review as we get to inspect the Legacy’s from top to bottom and see exactly what sets these headphones apart from the rest.