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Atkins Meal Kits (Progress)



Hi everyone! New update I have lost 5 more lbs!!!! It feels like the pounds are literally melting off. I kept up with Atkins Lifestyle and I’m loving how much more confident and stronger I feel. Atkins gave me all the tools I need to succeed and I feel like this was exactly what I had been looking for, for years. It’s so easy not to stray.

Atkins Launches First Line Of Meal Kits


Atkins recently came into my life and I am glad I gave it a chance! I recently went on a mini vacay and when I arrived I was pleasantly  surprised to find this package at my door step. A bit scared everything had spoiled in this hot heat I frantically opened it. To my surprise everything inside was packaged in dry ice and was still cold and frozen. It was a pleasure being able to sample this amazing Atkin’s package seeing as how I had tried diet after diet to get rid of this stubborn 10 lbs.


Atkins Harvest Trail Bar is hitting store shelves this month and we were able to get an exclusive first-taste of this new exciting product!  The Atkins Harvest Trail Bar is the first non-weight loss product, but it still holds true to their mission of low-carb eating.