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Ballistic HC Series Provides Ultimate Protection For Your iPhone 4/4S

Ballistic has long been the trend setter when it comes to protection for electronics and today we’ve given them the challenge of showing us how well their Ballistic Hard Core (HC) Series Case protects the iPhone 4. Just to give you a quick heads up these cases are anything but basic. They add bulk to your iPhone, but give you a barrier that at times seems impenetrable. The multiple layers of materials between your phone and the ground offer confidence that will leave you worry free every time your iPhone 4/4S hits the floor.

The Ballistic Hard Core (HC) Series Case is a five-layer, full coverage polycarbonate hard case. It includes a polymer inner and outer lining, geared towards impact resistance and topped off with a wrap-around silicone skin that leaves your iPhone 4/4S in the hands of professionals.