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U-KISS’s DORADORA photos revealed

Earlier this week U-KISS announced their return to the Korean music scene with their sixth mini-album, “DORADORA” set to be released on the 25th of April.

Spanish rapper plagiarizes TOP’s single “Turn It Up”

International fans have discovered a plagiarized song of T.O.P‘s single “Turn It Up” by Spanish rapper ALABAMA on YouTube.

Official website for G.I Joe 2 has placed Lee Byung Hun’s name on the front page

New still cuts of Hollywood’s blockbuster, G.I. Joe 2 have been revealed.

Will Super Junior have a comeback, hinted by members of One Way?

One Way members Youngsky and Peter got Super Junior fans excited after revealing that they’re in the process of recording a new track for the group.

160 countries will be lucky to be greeted by BIGBANG through MTV’s ‘World Stage’

BIGBANG fans all over the world are in for a special treat.

Rookie group B.A.P releases 2nd comeback teaser

On April 18th, the 2nd image teaser featuring the two youngest members of B.A.P, Zelo and Jongup, was revealed.

Usher’s choreographer is working for Korean rookie group EXO

Choreographer Lyle Beniga participated in the new idol groups produced by SM Entertainment, EXO-K and EXO-M.

BIGBANG’S TOP look-a-like and who’s crushing on TOP?

Actress Park Siyeon has claimed that she looks like BIGBANG’s TOP.

New rookie group B.A.P reveals teaser photo

B.A.P announced their comeback with the release of a concept photo of members Him Chan and Bang Yong Guk.

After a long eight month hiatus U-KISS is ready to make a comeback

After a long eight-month hiatus idol group U-KISS will make a comeback!