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90’s Viral Video Lands Siblings a Feature with Kanye West’s Artist.

The light hip-hop style music with 90’s fashion clothes and catchy lyrics has been cruising all over the Internet since March 2016 and brought a storm among emerging artists from Texas. Who are they and why are they making a history?

Lil JSean and Aesja siblings originally from Woodlands, TX stepped foot in the professional music industry  in 2013. The decision to make big steps and come under the light was not an easy one, after the death of their elder brother shook their world it made them realize that life is too short and chasing dreams should be on top of the priority list. Also, when Lil JSean won the talent show at Blinn College in 2013 it inspired him to dropout from college and pursue music dream full-time.

Showcasing themselves as solo artists both Aesja and Lil JSean have been working on their music individually, however, the best results came along cooperation. Their joint music video of the song “Trust ‘Em” shook Twitter with more than 3m views and gained over half million views on YouTube. They have been featured on Billboard after their interview on CW 33’s, “Eye Opener TV”. The buzz over the internet has been boosting the number of followers on their Socials and the Media.


For rising artists visible success in online platform can be opening so many doors and it did. Cyhi The Prynce, who is one of Kanye West’s favorite songwriters; reported to be the author of the line on Taylor Swift in the song “Famous,” couldn’t pass by the rising talents. Teaming up with Jonathan Hay and JC Flores, created a new hit titled “Long Damn Time”. The premiere of the track was featured in the Houston Chronicle. Enjoy!


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Young Trap is Turning Up The Heat


Young Trap 2

Young Trap is bringing in some heat with his new video, “Turn Up”. This track is made for the clubs, or just cruising through the town. Young Trap is bringing in all the right beats and delivers a music video that is way too hot and sexy.


This video hits hard and goes strong all the way to the end, yet, you won’t be able to get enough. Be prepared to get hooked to this music video. Spin it all night and watch how it goes viral. It’s out of control good, and no doubt will soon become the the party anthem of clubs across the country.


Young Trap is quickly showing his style and talent. I have the highest expectations for this artists, he will rise up fast if he continues to produce such a variety of hits. Check out his prior works and, I highly recommend you to follow him for what is next to come. He won’t disappoint. Check out this hot video, and stay nocturnal!






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A “Fresh” Thursday to You from Terry Lane

Terry Lane #ThirstyThursdays

In the century of 2 Chainz rapping about what he sees (literally) and Taylor Swift getting a billion views on every song it’s actually good to see something different. Terry Lane’s “Fresh” is actually fresh! It’s been a long time since I last heard a really pleasant song that u can’t get out of your head. In this context, Terry delivers the best for the super-saturated market of R&B-music where it’s really hard to do something new. I’m feeling thirsty for next Thursday to see another music video of him.

Terry Lane is a rising R&B star hailing from Atlanta. He discovered his love of music at an early age and recently released his debut album, “Addiction”. His new hit “Let Me Get It”, in particular, was a sensation, gathering over a million views on YouTube. Now he is releasing #ThirstyThursday videos every week and on August 20th he released his most recent music video, “Fresh”.

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Buy his new “Addiction” album on iTunes – https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/addiction/id970594456

Vita Chambers Rides Airwaves and Beach-Waves with the New Song, ‘Ferrous’

What a better way to welcome summer than with the beautiful voice of Vita Chambers.This  Barbadian-Canadian singer and songwriter has been making strides in the industry and capturing my attention for quite some time now. Her new release ‘Ferrous’ is one of my favorites. This single soothes, relaxes and yet, injects a rejuvenating dose of energy perfect for any exciting summer night.

The music video flawlessly combines her exotic beauty, grace and vigour, with her equally alluring, exquisite and powerful voice. While at first, the video seems to be packed with simply beautiful images, I notices a deeper meaning. The combination of tranquility, grace and power seems to hold true throughout the entire video; it is in the combination of color, in the progression of the pace of the music, in the imagery and in her dance. The imagery itself continuously makes parallels between nature, Vita herself and her music.

Party Animals Hail Durt Boi’s Latest Hit

Supa Soakar Music Video by Durt Boi

Some people are all work and no play, but Durt Boi is the farthest thing from a dull boy. He knows how to hustle and he knows how to hang. His new song “Super Soakar” has everyone rockin’ out. It is reminiscent of Juicy J’s “Bandz A Make Her Dance”. After listening to this song we predict that Durt Boi will continue to incorporate a little bit of Jamaican flavor into all his pieces. After all Jamaican spices are acclaimed all across the globe, so why not add a bit to the songs as well.